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Kimberley Photo tour

Cruising the Wild Kimberley Coast

November 1st, 2017

The coastline and waterfalls of the North East Kimberley are some of the most  stunning and untouched wilderness regions left in the world, the only way to see them is to walk for weeks through unchartered terrain, or  go on a luxury photo cruise…
Kimberley photo cruise

8 Days in the remote far North Kimberley…

Just 14 guests, 8 days in the remote North East Kimberley on the luxury catamaran “The Great Escape”, two professional photographers to help you every step of the way.  Five star meals all freshly prepared by the onboard chef and there is even a helicopter onboard for the duration (all meals are included, but the Heli flights are extra…).
This is a dedicated photography cruise, with a custom made itinerary to put you in the best spots in the best light.   Read the rest of this entry »

Lake Argyle Skyline

January 4th, 2013

Happy New Year,  I’m back at work and it all begins anew.  At the end of my photographic tour to the Bungle Bungles in 2011 we took the group on a cruise on Lake Argyle.  It was a perfectly still afternoon without a breath of wind, a perfect day for cruising on a beautiful lake with the Carr Boyd ranges for a backdrop.

Invisible Horizon of Lake Argyle, Kimberley Region of Western Australia

Islands hanging in space

Still waters of Lake Argyle

At one point somewhere near he middle of Lake Argyle, just as the setting sun was making the Kimberley Sandstone come alive and the reflections were rippling on the water, this image presented itself.  It seems to me that the water continued on and on up into the sky with no horizon visible, while the islands in the distance seemed to just hang in space.

The image only remained for a few seconds, and the Linhof Technorama is not the easiest camera to hand hold… and keeping the horizon straight with the 72mm Schneider Kreuznach lens was a challenge (35mm equivalent of about 17mm), but i think its worked and so did the AIPP as they gave me a silver award for it in last years APPAs.

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Photographic Tour of the Bungle Bungles 2012

March 21st, 2012

Kimberley Photo Tour

The Bungle Bungles in Purnululu National Park is one of the The Kimberley’s most spectacular places. Another world of ancient beehive shaped domes, gorges, towering chasms and hidden creeks, it truly is world heritage place that you should not miss, and once you have been you will want to go back (as i do…).

The Bungle Bungles in Purnululu National Park, East Kimberley Region of WA

Twilight view of the Bungles from the Picaninny Creek Lookout

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Kimberley Photographic Tour 2011

June 3rd, 2011
Full Moon rising behind Boab Trees, Jarlmadangah community, West Kimberley
Full Moon and Boabs, Jarlmadangah

Photography Tour 2011

Back in lovely Broome after a long drive of 1000km from Kununurra after the completeion of the 7day photographic tour of the Bungle Bungles I have just completed.  Time now to take stock, do the washing, download some pictures and write a blog entry or two.  Firstly a quick recap of the 7 day photographic tour of the Kimberley which concluded in Kununurra a little over a week ago.

Initially we intended to go across the Gibb River Rd from Broome to Kununurra on this 7 day photo tour, camping in many of the scenic locations along the way to photograph and swim in tropical waterholes.  That was plan A.  But, the record biggest ever wet, which has filled all the waterholes to overflowing, has also destroyed all the dirt roads making many of them still impassable.  Even Windjana Gorge, one of the most popular scenic spots in the west Kimberley, was inaccessible and shut until only a few days ago.

Saddleback Ridge at El Questro Station, East Kimberley
Twilight view from Saddleback Ridge, El Quetro Station

Fortunately we had a plan B (and indeed even a plan C), and as it turned out plan B proved to be an amazing experience that was unique and vastly differant to what most people would ever experience in the Kimberley, one i’m sure we will all remember.

Photographing the Cockburn Ranges, Kimberley Region
Photographing the Cockburn Ranges

Since the Gibb River Rd was not an option we headed South East out of Broome and straight to Jarlmadangah Aboriginal community.  Where TJ and Sarnold from the community acted as our guides for the time spent there.   They showed us many beautiful locations on their country and shared some of the stories and cultural significance with us all teaching us some of the importance that country has for Aboriginal people, perhaps planting the seed for better understanding between us. (Pictures from the previous blog entry are from Jarlmadangah)

Photographing the Cockburn Ranges, Kimberley Region
Photographing the Cockburn Ranges

After  2 nights at Jarlmadangah we took off on the main road and drove all the way round to the other end of the Gibb River Rd, which was open for a part of the way, to El Questro Station, one of my all time favourite locations in the Kimberley.  We remained camped at El Questro for  3 days, and i think we could really have stayed longer.  El Questro has an enormous number of beautiful locations and is a photographers paradise.

To read a full review of this Kimberley 7 day Photographic tour written (much better than i can) by one of the participants click Here.

All these images were shot on the Canon 5D Mk II, and there are many more to come…

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Mornington Station in the Kimberley

May 6th, 2011

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks weeks running around madly getting organised for the upcoming trip to the Kimberley, for the 7 day Kimberley photographic adventure tour and the 7day Bungle Bungles photographic adventure tour that i’m running later this month.

It’s amazing how much needs to be put in place to tear myself away from the gallery and all the business aspects that entails, let alone coping with a mad bathroom renovation in the middle of it!

As a result of all this my blog postings have suffered substantially over the last month or so, as you can clearly see…  I’ll have lots of new images to share from the Kimberley soon though, so i hope that will make up for it.  I did come across this image the other day while i was organising some folders, i think i had put it away for further consideration, then promptly forgot about it!

Sir John Gorge at sunset, Mornington Station in the Kimberley

Stunning Sunset on the Fitzroy River, Mornington Station

This place is called Sir John Gorge…  I think its a silly name for a magical place, who is Sir John anyway?  why is this place name d after him and why does he deserve it?  I think it requires a majestic name that conveys the grandeur and the majesty… Majestic Gorge, or Red Rock Canyon… something like that.

Anyway, this is Sir John Gorge on Mornington Station, which i find to be one of the most beautiful parts of the Kimberley.  I plan to spend some time there shortly.

Shot on the Fuji GX617 with the Fujinon 90mm f5.6 lens

Closer to the Kimberley Photographic tour 2011

April 22nd, 2011

It’s been a while between blog posts here, i’ve been really busy preparing for the upcoming Kimberley trip (for the 7 day photographic tour of the Kimberley and the 7day photographic tour of the Bungle Bungles) and renovating the house, and getting married…
you get the idea.

I got a little time this week to sit and play with some images, and since i’m leaving for the Kimberley in less than 2 weeks i thought i’d put up a new Kimberley image… new because i’ve never showed it before, but i actually shot it last time i was up in the Kimberley,  last year.

River system on the Far North Kimberley Coast, Western Australia

Tidal River and mud flats

I shot this image out of the window of a plane on the way back from the Mitchell Plateau headed to Broome.  I don’t know the name of the river, but i figure thats not important anyway.  I have many images from that trip last year that have never been seen.  I hope to remedy that in the near future, plus there will be all the new images from this next trip.  I can’t wait!

This was shot on the lovely Fuji GX617 (thats for sale by the way) with the Fujinon 90mm f5.6 lens, on Fuji Velvia 100 of course.  The 90mm lens is the 35mm equivalent to about a 24mm lens.

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Camera Swapmeet in Leederville

February 19th, 2011

A bit of  last minute notice here for the Camera Swapmeet on at the Leederville Town Hall tomorrow morning from 8.30am (Sunday 20th February).  Its a great social event and if you’ve never been to one its also a bit of a photographic cultural event too, with all sorts of gear being traded from digital to large format studio cameras, slide projectors and enlargers.  You can get a cup of tea and a home made cake Read the rest of this entry »

Kimberley Photographic Tour Extras

January 29th, 2011
View from Brancos Lookout at El Questro Station, East Kimberley Western Australia
The spectacular view from Brancos lookout at El Questro Station, Kimberley WA

More news for the Kimberley Photographic Tour for May 2011, I have been talking to Ben from Team Digital about these fantastic F-Stop camera bag they are now stocking.  I love the bag so much (and i paid for mine!), that i think everyone who loves hiking and photography should have one.

I’m also talking to Team Digital about borrowing a medium format digital for the duration of the tours for participants to try out, probably a Phase One camera or the new Pentax.  We already have a Gigapan to play with, a medium format digital would be a great addition.  I’ll tell you more about this in the next few days too, stay tuned.

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