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Digital Photography Printing Workshop

Updated July 10th, 2017

Secrets to Printing and Colour Output

I am taking a break from running this workshop currently to focus on some other exciting projects.  Send me an email if you would like further information on pending dates:

Seeing your hard won photographic images on a lovely bright computer screen is great, but there is nothing quite like a real print of your masterpiece, it simply feels more substantial.

The price of high quality photographic printers has come way down; they are now within reach of most keen photographers.  But you know, those printers may be affordable, and there is no doubt they can produce amazing results, but they never seem to work quite the way the salesman said they would, the print just doesn’t look like it did on the screen!

The Mystery Explained

There is a whole lot of stuff that the camera shop salesman didn’t tell you, stuff that when you see it in a book or on a web page looks awfully daunting and complex.  It’s not, not when it’s explained carefully in logical steps with practical examples, and that’s exactly what we do in this printing workshop.

Colour management and digital Printing workshop

Colour Management is not a dirty word!

Colour Management is the key to translating your Images from your computer to your printer, but what is colour management and why do people cringe and roll their eyes when they hear those words?  They shouldn’t, colour management is simple, but without a clear understanding of colour management, any digital printing you do will always be hit and miss.

Step One: Monitor

The first step is getting your monitor to reveal the true colours of your photographs, only then can you really see what you are working with.

Then your images need to be prepared before you print them if you want them to  have the WOW factor.  We will show you the secrets of making your images really sing for the printer in this Digital Photography Printing Workshop, you won’t believe the difference!

Digital Printing workshop

Paper ain’t paper

What paper is best?  There are some truly beautiful papers out there for digital printers, but if they are not managed correctly they can make your images look really awful! Make these papers work for you, reveal all the details and rich colours you’ve been hoping for.

Join one of Australia’s leading photographers, Adam Monk for a comprehensive 1 day workshop on the secrets of digital workflow and printing.

Adam  will share his many years of photographic printing experience in a relaxed and informative workshop, that will teach you how to make your prints perfect every time.

Adam Monk Digital Photographic Printing Workshop 2

All The Details

This workshop is one full day at SHOOT Photography workshop in East Perth.  Explaining the how and why, then a day of hands on printing of your images. Needless to say, it will be interesting and practical, with all the right information, delivered in a clear and understandable way that won’t put you to sleep!

You’ll have the chance for the hands on experience of printing your own image with one of the latest model professional printers.

Don’t let the technical stuff hold you back, That is usually what is standing in the way of most photographers getting their images on the computer and the images on the wall looking great.  Once you understand the process the sky is the limit, it becomes second nature, and that desktop Photographic Printer that initially seemed so frustrating will become your best friend.


Course Outline

  • Colour management…  What is it and why do you need to know about it?
  • The Monitor: Why and how to calibrate it
  • RGB Profiles & Colour Spaces
  • Colour settings in Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Image Preparation for printing, making it look sexy!
  • Special tweaks to make your image stand out from the crowd
  • All the print settings for Photoshop and Lightroom that make it work every time.
  • Final Sizing and sharpening
  • Sending your images to the printer

Adam Monk Digital Photographic Printing Workshop 3

In the End

At the conclusion of this course you will have a clear understanding of digital printing and the steps to get your prints on the wall and looking fantastic.  To help you remember it all, you will have a print of your own image done on the day, and you will have a complete set of easily understandable notes to take away.

Why would you do this course with Adam Monk, what does he know about printing?

landscape photographer Adam MonkI began my Photographic career way back in the film and darkroom days, I have many years of working in professional darkrooms printing extensively!  I also have over 18 years of hands on digital printing experience with large format professional printers.

I work out of my gallery in Fremantle, where I have been for nearly 13 years, and I print (and have always done so) all my own work that goes on the wall, and that work now hangs in homes and businesses the world over.  Throughout the years I have printed and sold literally thousands of metres of canvas and photographic paper prints, in all that time I have only ever had one image returned for re-print, and that the result of a faulty batch of canvas.Digital Printing workshop

I am not someone who has just read a few books and decided to teach, I am a professional full time photographer and a professional digital printer.  I currently run  Epson 9900 & 4900 Pro printers, and I have experience with almost all of the Epson range of printers.  In short, I know what I am doing, and I know how to show it to you.


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