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Japan Autumn Photo Tour

Updated February 5th, 2020

Japan 2020 – Autumn Photo Tour

November 13 – 23 2020

Just 3 places left for 2020

10 days in Japan with the colours of Autumn

Join Adam Monk and Robert van Koesveld for 10 days of photo tour adventures in the rich diversity that is Japan in Autumn.  From the bustling downtown streets of Tokyo, to the beauty of Japan’s natural wonder, and the serenity of the Kyoto temple gardens in Autumn, Japan is a wonderful mix of modern and historic places, stunning landscapes, culture and culinary delights.

Japan Autumn Photo Tour 2020 – Highlights

  • 10 full days in Japan.
  • Maximum group of 10 people.
  • Exclusive cultural shoots.
  • Tour begins Tokyo ends in Kyoto.
  • All your breakfasts and all dinners  on tour.
  • Travel on comfortable Japanese trains.
  • All your transport on tour included.
  • Native Japanese guides with extensive experience and excellent English.
  • Photo Tuition from 2 full time professional photographers.
  • Itinerary created by photographers, not a travel agent.
  • All locations have been scouted by us.
  • Extensive photography and Lightroom Notes to keep.
  • Dates: November 13 – 23 2020
  • Tour Price: JPY 995,000 PP Twin Share
  • (Approx US$9,200)
  • Single Supplement: JPY 110,000 PP
  • (Approx US$1,000)

Downloads the pdf booking form.

* Why only in Japanese Yen (JPY)? We offer this tour in JPY only, as we pay our suppliers in JPY. This ensures our price remains stable, with no additional hidden payments due to currency fluctuations. Click
HERE for more information.

** The tour price is per person on a Twin Share (or double) room basis. To book the twin share rate you must specify a room partner, as we cannot pair you with others you don’t yet know.  The potential for snoring induced sleep deprivation discord is just too high!

Japan, the land of contrast

For this Japan photo tour itinerary we have created a fabulous balance of landscapes, historical urbanscapes, street photography, people and culture,  with lots of great Japanese food, music and sake thrown in.  We also have two exclusive cultural photographic experiences that will blow your mind. In Kyoto you will meet a real Japanese Tea Master and be introduced to the hidden world of the Japanese Geiko and Maiko (Kyoto words for Geisha).

This Japan Photo tour is 10 days of stunning Autumn colours, history, culture and food in Japan.  This tour begins  in Tokyo and finishes in Kyoto, and the price is inclusive of all breakfasts and dinners, transport, accommodation, photography tuition and local Japanese guides.

Unique Japan

Japan is a country of over 400 inhabited islands – four large ones and over 6,000 small uninhabited ones. To the west and north are China, Korea and Russia, yet Japan’s unique culture has evolved over the millennium from prehistoric to feudal to a modern economy.  Fascinating ancient traditional elements live alongside modern rural and urban community life,  creating a wonderful melange of old and new, traditional and modern that is uniquely Japan.

Japan Autumn Photo Tour 2020 – Full Itinerary

Just 3 places remain for 2020 tour

Day 01 – Day 02. Japan Autumn Photo tour 2020 – Itinerary
Day 1 – November 13 2020:  Arrival in Tokyo.
Japan photo tour - Tokyo at night

Today you will make your way to our Hotel in Tokyo (we will send you full directions) where you are free to explore the surroundings or just rest and recover after your flight.  This evening we will meet for dinner where Adam and Robert will run through the plans for the coming adventures and we will will begin to get to know each other a little.

Day 2 – Nov 14:  Tokyo exploration.

Today we head to Tokyo Central Station to experience the Japanese super-efficient metro system and then off to explore some of the sites the metropolis has to offer.  Tokyo is a wonderful mix of bustling modern big city, some of the quirkiest architecture you will find in Asia, all mixed in with ancient Shinto shrines and some very cool cafes for lunch.  We will take you through some stunning areas of amazing buildings, to the city’s central shopping district, then on to tree-lined streets with French cafes and alfresco dining.  Architecture and street photography is the go today, juxtaposing Japan’s wildly hi-tech present against its ancient past.  Then we head back to the Hotel to freshen up before going off to dinner.

Day 03 – Day 04. Japan Autumn Photo tour 2020 – Itinerary
Day 3-4 – Nov 15-16:  Okayama Region.

Today after breakfast in Tokyo we will try our first Shinkansen… the famous Japanese bullet train, to Okayama.  You might like to try a bento box on the train, or the amazing food hall at Okayama for lunch.  We check into our hotel nearby the station before heading off to explore and photograph the local Kibitz Shrine in Okayama, before returning for dinner in Okayama City.

Japan Photo tour - Autumn leaves and water
Photo opportunities in Korakuen Garden

We will spend 2 nights staying in Okayama as there is just so much to explore here in this city and the immediate region.  Starting with an early morning visit to the exquisite Korakuen Gardens a short ride from our hotel in Okayama.  The Korakuen Gardens were created by the local feudal lord in 1687 as a place for the ruling family to relax and contemplate nature.  The gardens are a paradise of small secret groves, tinkling waterfalls and mirror-like reflecting ponds.  With the trees in full autumn colour it is truly spectacular.  You will see why these gardens are considered one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan.

Japan Photo Tour
Kurashiki, ancient village in a bustling city

Also from our base in Okayama we will head to the tiny village of Kurashiki in the Bikan historical quarter right in the middle of Okayama city.  Kurashiki is a time capsule of life in the merchant quarter of a small town in Japan in the 1600’s.  Its perfectly preserved shops and temples are a great place to wander about and imagine you have stepped back in time.

Special cultural surprise…

We also have a special surprise for you in Okayama, an ancient art form from Japan’s feudal past, handed down to the present almost completely unchanged. All will be revealed on the day!

Day 05 – Day 07. Japan Autumn Photo tour 2020 – Itinerary
 Day 5-6 – Nov 17-18:  Explore Okayama  and then to Miyajima.
Photo tour to Japan November 2018 with Adam Monk and Robert van Koesveld

After our adventures in Okayama we checkout and then head off to our next destination, the natural wonder that is Miyajima Island.  

This afternoon we take the Shinkansen onwards to Hiroshima, and Miyajima (Itsukushima) Island.  We arrive in time to check in to our hotel and catch the afternoon light through the autumn leaves of the beautiful forest of the island.  Miyajima is the home to several stunning temples, and the most exquisite temple gardens, as well as cascading rivers, waterfalls, forests of Japanese maple and elm and some particularly friendly local deer who may even pose for us.

Early start to catch the light

We start early again the next day for that gorgeous slanted early morning  light through the autumn leaves of the maple and elms, and the opportunity to walk around the stunning Miyajima Island before the Japanese devotees arrive to ask for blessings at the Itsukushima Shinto shrine, a shrine that has been here since the 12th Century.  

After breakfast we will walk up the hill from our hotel and take the cable car to the top of the Mount Misen that dominates the centre of the island,  marvelling at the views from the top, before a leisurely walk down through the forest along the river with the lovely morning light, we arrive in time for early lunch and some free time.

Photo tour to Japan November 2018 with Adam Monk and Robert van Koesveld
Afternoon light through autumn leaves

Later in the day we will have a workshop, and then as the day visitors begin to disappear we will chase the light again with some more waterfalls, rivers with elegant bridges, and stunning afternoon atmosphere in the autumn forest.   The finale will be sunset with floating Itsukushima Shinto Shrine.

Day 07 – Nov 19:  Miyajima to Kyoto.
Photo tour to Japan November 2018 with Adam Monk and Robert van Koesveld

Seems like it’s all early starts on this trip!  Of course they are all optional, and since our hotel is on the island in the middle of all the beauty it’s easy to get around and participate or not as you wish.  The reason for the early starts is that the early morning light through the trees is so very beautiful.  It makes it worth it to get up just to see it, and of course by the time the first ferry arrives with big crowds of visitors and pilgrims, we have been out and about for a couple of hours and are ready to head back to our hotel for breakfast, check out and onto Kyoto via Shinkansen bullet train (the absolute best way to travel in Japan).

Kyoto in Autumn

‘Saving the best till last’ really applies to having Kyoto at the end of the tour…  Kyoto really is the jewel in the Japanese crown and that’s why we have saved three full days just for Kyoto.

This afternoon we head to southern Kyoto to visit the famous Shinto complex of a thousand tori (gates) and then nearby the quietness of a Zen Temple and associated rock garden. This evening we stroll to dinner through the side streets of Gion.

Day 08 – Day 10. Japan Autumn Photo tour 2020 – Itinerary
Day 08-10 Nov 20-22:  Kyoto

Our time in Kyoto will bring us some of the best this city has to offer. Kyoto has many thousands of gardens, temples and shrines, it has beautiful cobbled streets and of course Geiko and Maiko.  Kyoto is very popular and that can mean busy, so we carefully choose times when we go to the busier locations and seek out some less well-known sites that are most rewarding.

Our itinerary in Kyoto is flexible so we can adapt to changing conditions such as weather and busy times. But Kyoto is one of the highlight destinations of this tour and we can assure you of some fabulous experiences as the finale for this whole photographic journey through Japan.

Two unique cultural photographic opportunities in Kyoto

In the afternoon we will head to our tea house venue for the opportunity to meet and photograph Maiko and Geiko and partake in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. We will split up into small groups led by Robert, Adam and Dai to ensure that everyone gets personal tuition and the space that these unique opportunities represent.

Japan Photo tour - Geiko in Autumn colours
Geiko Maiko and a Tea Ceremony

In Kyoto we have two special Japanese cultural experiences that are not normally open to westerners or photographers. Robert van Koesveld has been working on in-depth illustrative cultural projects in Japan for many years, projects that have resulted in an award winning, photographic book on the reclusive culture of the Geiko and Maiko of Kyoto and an exquisite black and white photo exhibition that explores the artistry of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

These projects represent years learning about and building links within these exclusive areas of Japanese society, aspects that few westerners see.

Geiko and Maiko of Kyoto

In a traditional Kyoto Machiya house we will meet and photograph authentic Maiko and Geiko. These are not the tourist girls in hired kimonos that you can see all over the streets of Kyoto, but the traditional artists wearing handcrafted silk kimonos. These elegant women will demonstrate some of their traditional songs and graceful dance, showing the poise and balance that only professionals trained for years in the art of movement and expression can achieve. We may even see some of their more playful nature as they show us some Japanese drinking games (they never lose!) and some very Japanese humour.

Photo tour to Japan with Adam Monk and Robert van Koesveld
A very special photo shoot

We will have a photo shoot here lasting several hours working in small groups. Robert and Adam will help you understand how to create moods, expressions and emotions to tell stories with your images. We will practise lighting and ambience, backgrounds and posing, composition, colour and tonality. Most important will be interacting and building a relationship with our models to bring out their humanity in your images.

Tea Ceremony by a master

We will finish the day with a tea ceremony with a true tea master. She will create the magic of the traditional tea ceremony for us to photograph, and we even get to try the strong Matcha tea.

Anybody can pour tea, but only a Tea Master can show us the sense of stillness that can be found in the deceptively simple movements of this ancient art. Perhaps this will help you find stillness and serenity in your images.

Japan photo tour tea ceremony
Kyoto Temples and Gardens

The bamboo grove is a famous location in Kyoto and now usually too busy with the selfie crowd and huge streams of Chinese tourists. So we go to a different bamboo forest, which is typically much quieter and we also explore a wonderful moss garden nearby.

Of course we visit the Golden Temple (Kinkaku-Ji), choosing a time when it is usually quieter. Nearby is a very special rock garden that is not so well known, a wonderful place to practise stillness and simplicity in our images.

Our last Day In Kyoto

On our last full day  in Kyoto we start at the Eikando temple as it opens, then head to the magical Silver Pavilion (Ginkaku-Ji). We will walk back along the Philosophers Path for more autumn colour and beautiful traditional houses and shops. In the afternoon there will be some free time for last minute shopping, revisiting locations or whatever suits. We will help you make an individual plan and can join you carrying it out.

We end our time in Kyoto with a splendid group banquet dinner in one of Robert’s favourite restaurants.

Day 11. Japan Autumn Photo tour 2020 – Itinerary
Day 11 – Nov 23 2020:  Breakfast and Departure. 
Photo tour to Japan with Adam Monk and Robert van Koesveld

Our last breakfast together, then pack and final goodbyes before heading off to the Osaka airport for our flights back home, or you may wish to stay on for a few extra days to see more of what Japan has to offer.

*** This itinerary is the plan. The actual tour may vary slightly due to weather, road conditions or other things beyond our control.  Either way, we will ensure you get the best photographic tour that we can provide and you will come away with fantastic images and memories that will last a lifetime.

Japan photo tour - Maiko of Kyoto

The Important Details.

  • Dates: November 13 – 23 2020
  • Total Tour Price: JPY 995,000* PP Twin Share**
  • (Approx US$9,200)
  • Single Supplement: JPY 110,000 PP
  • (Approx US$1,000)
  • Booking Deposit: JPY 160,000
  • (Approx US$1,500)
  • 11 days in Japan
  • Just 10 places

Downloads the pdf booking form.

* Why only in Japanese Yen (JPY)? We offer this tour in JPY only, as we pay our suppliers in JPY. This ensures our price remains stable, with no additional hidden payments due to currency fluctuations. Click HERE for more information.

** The tour price is per person on a Twin Share (or double) room basis. To book the twin share rate you must specify a room partner, as we cannot pair you with others you don’t yet know.  The potential for snoring induced sleep deprivation discord is just too high!

What’s Included

  • Just 10 places available (Maximum number).
  • 11 days in Japan, full 10 days on tour.
  • Tour begins in Tokyo and concludes in Kyoto.
  • Comprehensive E-Book of Japan pre trip preparation notes.
  • All transport for the duration of the tour in Japan, including taxis, trains and ferries.
  • All entrance fees to Temples, gardens and national parks.
  • All you breakfasts & All your dinners, excellent local Japanese cuisine.
  • All your Hotel accommodation in Japan for the duration of the tour.
  • All photographic tuition and workshops for the duration of the tour.
  • Two professional photographers to help you get the best photos.
  • Highly experienced local Japanese specialist guides.
  • Extensive 21 page Photography Techniques E-Book, with complete shooting workflow.
  • In depth 36 page Lightroom E-Book, with complete post processing workflow.
  • Custom made Japan Lightroom catalogue with all location Keywords & Smart Collections pre-loaded.

What’s Not Included

  • Flights to Japan from your home port and return.
  • Japan Visa (if you require one, please check with your travel agent).
  • Initial transfer from the airport to the hotel in Tokyo.
  • Transfer to Osaka airport at the conclusion in Kyoto.
  • lunches on tour in Japan.
  • Travel insurance (required as a condition of booking).
  • Camera Insurance.
  • Alcohol and extra beverages.
  • Any extras you may wish to buy along the way.
  • Tips for local guides (optional).
  • Adobe Lightroom software subscription fees.

What to expect on our Autumn Photo Tour to Japan

Many people run Photo tours and there are just as many different ways to organise them. The tabs below explain how we run our Autumn in Japan Photo Tours and why we do it this way.

A tour created especially for photographers
The itinerary created by photographers

This Japan photo tour itinerary has been researched and created by us, by visiting and photographing each location. It’s not just about arriving in beautiful places, Japan is full of those, it’s about being there at the right time for the best light and the right cultural experiences.  

We never jam in loads of locations for each day. Rather we spend more time in fewer more unique locations and we give you time to explore them, allowing you to get the feel of a place, talk to some locals and get some great images that tell a real story. 

This requires on the ground practical research, something that can’t be done from behind a desk.

Small Group – Maximum of 10

Have you ever seen those tours that turn up at a beautiful place in a huge bus and an enormous group of people?

Our Autumn colours of Japan photo tour is not like that.

This tour has a maximum group size of just 10 people. That way you get to experience the life and culture of Japan more closely without intimidating the locals, and you won’t get in the way of each others shots.

With such a small group there is always plenty of opportunity to have time with Robert or Adam to refine your skills and get the level of tuition you deserve.

Transport on Tour – Legendary Japanese Trains

For this photo tour to Japan we travel on the awesome Japanese rail system. We love trains, and Japanese trains are the best we have ever used.  Always on time, clean, comfortable, quiet and relaxing.  Just sit back and gaze out the window as the Japanese countryside slips by.  Trains in Japan are awesome, they sure beat traffic jams.  

All of these trips are of course included in your tour, along with taxi rides around town and metro transport. We have it all sorted.

Great local Japanese guides
Great guides make for a great experience

We have no shortage of photography expertise or tour experience on this Japan photo tour. Both Robert and Adam are full time professional photographers as well as highly experienced professional photography guides who have been to Japan and run tours there many times.

Both of our specialist local Japanese guides, Aki and Dai have a vast store of historical and cultural knowledge of Japan that they love to share. They have been working with Robert (and more recently Adam) for many years. Both speak excellent English and have a thorough understanding of what photographers are searching for. And equally important, they are both great people to spend time with.

Hotels on Tour

We choose our hotels based on their location and their quality, In most places we stay for two or more nights, allowing you to unpack and relax. After all, getting to know a culture is not just about seeing as many temples as possible; it’s about having time to contemplate the age of the temple and the people who built it, perhaps to even meet the people who maintain it.

Our hotels are 3-4 star and usually smaller boutique variety. We stay in a few Japanese Ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn) hotels along the way to give you a taste of the real culture of Japan.

The Ryokan experience is very much a part of the Japanese way of life. We feel that experiencing a little of the culture will help us to understand Japan better; and this in turn helps us to make images with more presence and feeling.

Food glorious Food!

We take you to a great variety of traditional and modern Japanese restaurants to sample the extraordinary cuisine of Japan. Food is a big part of Japanese culture so we have made it a big part of this photo tour. We love Japanese food, and we think you will too.

All dinners and breakfasts are included on tour, from dinner on the first night in Tokyo to breakfast the morning of our departure from Kyoto. We don’t include lunches as the choice of Japanese Bento Boxes is staggering, so why would you be happy with just our choice when there is so much variety to try?

No Hidden Extras

There are no hidden extras on this tour.  There are no breakfasts or dinners that are not covered or nights you have to find your own hotel. All your transport while on the tour, including local taxis, buses and trains are included along with all your entrance fees to temples, gardens and National Parks.

Everything but lunch

The only meals not included are lunches.  Most days we eat lunch on the go, in a cafe or a Bento Box on the train.

Tour beginnings and endings

The tour begins in Tokyo and ends in Kyoto, so you just have to make your way to our Tokyo hotel and back home at the end from our Kyoto hotel. Hotel/Airport transfers are very simple in Japan, and we will ensure you know how to get there well before the tour begins.

Extensive Pre trip notes
What you need to know before you go

The best way to ensure you enjoy this photo tour to Japan is to be fully prepared before you leave. What weather should to expect, what clothes are appropriate, both for the climate and to be culturally sensitive? What is the exchange rate, how is the tour organised and what about camera gear?

All these and just about any other questions you can think of are clearly answered in the pre trip notes we will email out to you. If you have questions after reading the notes we are always available via email or over the phone to help out.

The better prepared you are the more fun you will have and then the more fun we will have.

Japan Photo tour with Adam Monk and Robert van Koesveld

Should you go on this Japan Autumn Photo Tour?

Is this Japan Photo Tour right for you, does it meet your needs and fulfil your expectations? What is the ideal age group and what is the level of photographic experience? These and similar questions are answered in the tabs below.

A love of new cultures, adventure and photography
Japan Photo tour Meiko from Kyoto
Photography in Japan

This photo tour is for anyone enthusiastic about photography and with a love of exploring new cultures.  It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, all levels of photographer are welcome. In fact the diverse experiences of the members of the group are an integral part of what makes these photography tours so much fun.  

Our group size is kept small (just 10 people) so you are always assured of personal interaction and tuition, whatever your needs.

Physical Fitness
Photo tour to Japan November 2018 with Adam Monk and Robert van Koesveld
Plenty of walking, but no hiking

A basic level of walking fitness is essential, but this tour is not a hiking nor a trekking tour so nothing extreme will be required of you.  We have a few scenic walks in nature planned, lots of urban exploration, and visits to many stunning temple gardens, but all have well maintained pathways.  The hardest physical test will be to climb some stairs occasionally.  Just let us know if you have any health issues or doubts and we will work around them.

Non Photographers on tour?
Non photographers & partners are welcome on this tour

Non-photographers are very welcome on this tour, whether as a partner to a keen photographer or someone who just loves the slower pace of travel that this photographic tour provides.  

Japan is an intensely beautiful place with deep rich culture in architecture, history, dress, language, religion and food, so there is never a shortage of things to do or explore.  One great thing about photographers is that we aim to be at the beautiful locations at the best times to see them.

We must warn you though, an obsession with photographing beautiful places and interesting people is highly addictive. You may begin as a non-photographer thinking it’s not for you, but by the end of the tour this may well have changed…

Tour Age Group
Tokyo Girls, Japan Photo tour
You’re only as old as you decide you are

The age group for our Japan photo tours is varied, we have people from 30 years old to 76 years old on the same tour. Experience tells us that the more diverse the age group on tour the better.

Photography is one thing that is not limited by age, you simply adjust the way you shoot. At 25 you may want to hang upside down off a balcony (we don’t recommend this) to get the perfect shot. At 50 that probably won’t seem such a great idea any more. That doesn’t mean you won’t get that perfect shot, it has just matured.

Provided you can get around unassisted carrying your own camera gear and enjoy a bit of walking, you will be just fine on this photo tour to Japan.

Japan Photo tour with Adam Monk and Robert van Koesveld

Photo Tuition and Camera Gear

What level of photography experience is required to participate in this Japan photo tour and what level of tuition can I expect? What sort of camera gear is suitable and will I need anything special? See the tabs below to find answers to all these questions.

Photography tuition on tour
Our priority is you

Our extensive experience running photo tours has shown us that providing a wide range of photography tuition works best, with some formal workshops and many casual group or individual discussions.

We will run some more formal sessions on such things as lighting, shadows and composition, particularly during our session with the Geiko and Maiko in Kyoto. As this is often out of the comfort zone, guidance is always available. It’s surprising how often photographers start out being uncomfortable photographing people and end up creating amazing portraits.

Robert and Adam are always available for impromptu “back of the camera” inspiration and technical help as we proceed through our days. We also delve into the more technical areas such as downloading images and post production techniques.

Adam and Robert have a wealth photographic expertise to offer, and with our small group and relaxed pace you will get exactly the personal interaction and photographic tuition you want. It really is up to you how much help you prefer.

Your guides will be shooting a few images along side you, but your images, your tuition and  your experiences will always be the priority.

Photo tour to Japan with Adam Monk and Robert van Koesveld
What about Camera gear?
Your Camera Gear

There is really no limit to what camera gear you take other than your ability to carry it. Everything from Digital SLRs, mirrorless, point and shoot, even medium format digital and film. Robert and Adam have been shooting professionally for a long time, so chances are, whatever gear you have, Robert or Adam will have experience with it. 

After you book the tour we will send out a detailed recommended gear and packing list including extensive discussion around camera equipment. If you still have doubts we are always happy to discuss your camera gear you have and how to best make it work for you.

Any Special camera gear?

No special or exotic camera gear is required for this photo tour, it’s not great cameras that make great images after all; and we are big fans of getting the most out of what you already have.

Photography Notes and E-Books
Photography & Lightroom E-Books to keep

In the months leading up to the tour we will send you out all the information you will need to prepare for the adventure ahead. This includes several comprehensive E-Books on photography techniques & workflow, plus an in depth guide to using Lightroom to manage and edit your images.

We will be running workshops as we go and often use Lightroom to demonstrate post processing tricks and techniques. These E-Books help cement this knowledge and are yours to keep.

Lightroom Catalogue with keywords
Nobody likes keywording!

Just before tour departure we will send you a fully functioning Lightroom catalogue (you will need to have your own Lightroom software) with a complete set of Smart Collections and Japan Keywords including all the complex spellings for locations – already loaded. Since keywording is rather boring (but important) having keywords already installed makes the job very quick and easy so you can get on with the fun and creative stuff.

Even if you already have a Lightroom catalogue, it’s easy to merge catalogues together combining the new smart collections and keywords into your existing catalogue. How to achieve this is set out in our Lightroom E-Book.

What if I use Capture One?

Don’t worry if you use Capture One instead of Lightroom, we also give you the keyword file that can be easily imported into Capture One. Adam has been using Capture One extensively for years, so he can help you with this too.

Like to Book the tour? – Just 3 places Remaining for 2020

  • Dates: November 13 – 23 2020
  • Total Tour Price: JPY 995,000* PP Twin Share**
  • (Approx US$9,200)
  • Single Supplement: JPY 120,000 PP
  • (Approx US$1,000)
  • Booking Deposit: JPY 160,000
  • (Approx US$1,500)
  • 11 days in Japan
  • Just 10 places

Downloads the pdf booking form.

* Why only in Japanese Yen (JPY)? We offer this tour in JPY only, as we pay our suppliers in JPY. This ensures our price remains stable, with no additional hidden payments due to currency fluctuations. Click
HERE for more information.

** The tour price is per person on a Twin Share (or double) room basis. To book the twin share rate you must specify a room partner, as we cannot pair you with others you don’t yet know.  The potential for snoring induced sleep deprivation discord is just too high!

Your Photo Guide – Adam Monk
Photo tour leader Adam Monk Portrait

Adam is a landscape and travel photographer with a long standing passion for the natural environment, people and culture.  He has been travelling and photographing the worlds wild places and exotic cultures for over 30 years, and the enthusiasm just continues to grow. Adam has been based out of his own landscape photography gallery in the port city of Fremantle Western Australia for the last 13 years. His images can be found in hundreds of private and corporate collections all over the world.  

For the last 11 years Adam has been organising and running photography workshops and photography tours to some of the world’s wild and beautiful places such as The Kimberley, the Pilbara, Tasmania, Cambodia, Iceland, Greenland, Bhutan and Japan.

Your Photo Guide – Robert van Koesveld
Robert van Koesveld - Japan Photo tour

Robert van Koesveld is a full-time photographer whose work is primarily involved with world cultures.  He has been interested in cultural travel all his life. Since retiring early from his psychotherapy practice he has concentrated on photography and travels extensively each year. Together with his wife, Libby Lloyd, he published a coffee table book about Bhutan (‘Bhutan Heartland: Travels in the Land of the Thunder Dragon’, Fremantle Press, 2010). 

His book Geiko and Maiko of Kyoto was published in 2016 and, in advance form, won the Australian Professional Photography Awards category of best Photo Book for 2015. Robert is interested in capturing ‘spirit of place’ and ‘peoples’ presence’ in a cultural context. He has led photo tours to Bhutan, India, China and Japan.

Our Japanese Guide – Dai Kondo
Dai, Local guide for Japan Photo Tour with Adam Monk and Robert van Koesveld

Dai has worked extensively in the outdoor adventure guiding field throughout Japan. He is a skilled photographer and is well tuned into what photographers are looking for as a guide.  He also knows Tokyo particularly well as he grew up there. He has worked with Robert on previous scouting trips and tours.

Our Japanese Guide – Akie Watanabe
Akie, Japan Photo tour guide

Akie has been a specialist guide for many years and has been a key resource for Robert’s Kyoto projects. She works predominately as a specialist individual guide and has extensive knowledge of Kyoto and the less visited places that suit photographers, as well as the ‘Flower World’ of maiko and geiko.

Japan Colours of Autumn Photo Tour – Logistics

All of our tour logistics, Hotels and transport, are researched, booked and managed by Kuroko Boutique tours. Kuroko’s founder, Rika Nishimura was born and raised in Japan before emigrating to Perth, Australia 14 years ago. Having an understanding of both Japan and the western worlds, Rika very effectively bridges the cultural gap, and gets us exactly the balance we need for this tour.

Japan Photo tour - Shibuya crossing in Tokyo
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Returns and Refunds

We do not normally accept returns or offer refunds, but should you have any concerns please contact us and we will do our utmost to resolve them.