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Tasmania Photo Tour

Updated May 6th, 2022

Tasmania Photo Tour

We are back in service! Details for 2023 tour will be up shortly

12 days of Tasmania Photo Tour

12 full days of experiencing and photographing the wonders of the North West corner of Tasmania with the guidance of two highly experienced professional landscape photographers.  This will be a Tasmania photo tour like no other.

One of the last true wilderness regions of the world, the North West corner of Tasmania is an exquisite example of temperate rainforest, crazy windswept coastline and snowcapped mountains.  This Tasmania photo tour will be a true wonderland for landscape photography.

Tasmania Photo Tour Highlights

  • 12 full days on tour in Tasmania.
  • Maximum group of just 8 People.
  • Dedicated photography tour created by photographers.
  • Tour is guided by Adam Monk & Paul Hoelen
  • All your meals on Tour.
  • Travel in our comfortable spacious vehicles.
  • We drive, you relax.
  • Spectacular wilderness locations, in the best light.
  • We have shot these locations many times before.
  • Comprehensive Photo Tuition from 2 full time professional photographers.
  • Extensive photography and Lightroom Notes to keep.
  • Tour begins and ends in Launceston, Tasmania.
  • Dates. TBA
  • Postponed – Stay Tuned for new dates
  • Tour Price Twin Share: TBA
  • Single Supplement: TBA

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Tasmania Photo Tour, Cradle Mountain Wilderness

The Tasmanian Wilderness Plan.

For this Tasmanian Photo tour we are traveling in two comfortable air conditioned vehicles (don’t worry, we do all the driving) doing a circuit trip around Tasmania’s wild North West. We begin in the historic town of Launceston before heading along the windswept North Coast.  We then delve deep into the wild Tarkine region of Tasmania, Australia’s largest region of unprotected temperate rainforest.  The plan is to start with 2 nights on the scenic North coast, then 6 nights (2 locations 3 nights each) in the unique Tarkine region, exploring the rugged coastline to the rainforest wilderness before heading inland and North to Cradle Mountain for three nights before turning home to Launceston again, 12 days later.

Deserted Coastline to fern filled temperate rainforest and waterfalls to mountain Savannah and sub-alpine lakes… This is not a trekking tour, but we will be doing lots of relaxed scenic walks through stunning places followed by hot showers and fabulous meals!

Tasmania Photo Tour, Tarkine Coastal Wilderness

Tasmania 2023 – Sample Itinerary

Day 1-3.   – The North Coast to the Tarkine.
Tasmania Photo Tour, Tarkine Wilderness

We will travel a circuit around the wild North West of Tasmania, beginning in the beautiful historic town of Launceston.  From there we head across the North west coast to the historic and beautiful town of Stanley, where the restless seas of Bass Straight meet the rocky shoreline, a lovely contradiction with the small sheltered sandy bays.  Then we turn down through the Tarkine region, the largest area of unprotected temperate rainforest in Australia.  A land of clear flowing rivers and majestic towering tree ferns, if you like forest, this is the king of forests!  The Tarkine truly is an untamed wilderness with few roads and almost no settlements, a land of astounding beauty and almost infinite solitude.  It’s one of the few places of true wilderness left in the world.

Day 4-9. – The Tarkine Region
Tasmania Photo Tour, Tarkine Coastal Wilderness

Then there is the Tarkine coastline…  The storms that hurl themselves at the rocky coast here have had uninterrupted passage for thousands of kilometers through the cold Southern Ocean and wild westerly winds of the roaring forties.  The West Tarkine Coast makes the North Coast look like a kiddies wading pool.  We spend a big chunk of the trip ambling down the West coast, alternating between the burbling brooks and serene grace of the Tarkine wilderness and the exquisite raw beauty of the rugged coast.

Day 10-13.  – Then the Mountains…
Tasmania Photo Tour, Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake Wilderness

Then we head inland and North through the rainforest and waterfalls and up into the mountains and lakes of Cradle Mountain national Park… The contrasts on this tour will leave you stunned and amazed that such a tiny place as Tasmania can have so much diversity and beauty.  We will be back in Launceston in time for lunch 12 days later

Tasmania Photo Tour

The Important Details.

  • Dates.  TBA.
  • Tour Price Twin Share: TBA
  • Single Supplement: TBA
  • 12 full days in Tasmania
  • Just 8 participants

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* The tour price is twin share rooms all the way.  If you’re booking with a friend or as a couple please make sure you notify us so we put you in rooms together. 

** Single Supplement gets you a private bedroom every night and sometimes private bathroom.  Due to the remote nature of this tour Private bathrooms for each room every night are not possible.

What’s Included

  • Comprehensive 22 page E-Book of Tasmania pre trip preparation notes.
  • All accommodation, including first night in Launceston to last night.
  • Accommodation is all hotels and cabins, no camping or hostels.
  • All meals from breakfast day 2 to lunch on the final day.
  • Full 12 days in Tasmania with all land content included.
  • All transportation on tour (We Drive, you relax)
  • Extensive Photo tuition & on site workshops from two professional photographers.
  • Extensive 21 page Landscape Photography E-Book by Adam Monk, with complete shooting workflow.
  • In depth 36 page Lightroom E-Book by Adam Monk, with complete post processing workflow.
  • Custom made Tasmania Lightroom catalogue with all location Keywords & Smart Collections pre-loaded.
  • All National Park entry fees.

What’s Not Included

  • Your transport into and out of Launceston
  • Evening meal in Launceston first night (day of arrival).
  • Travel insurance (required as a condition of booking).
  • Camera Insurance.
  • Alcohol and extra beverages.
  • Any extra snacks you may wish to buy along the way.
  • Adobe Lightroom software subscription fees.

The itinerary created by photographers

This itinerary has been researched and created by Adam and Paul by going to these places and extensively walking through and photographing each and every one.  It’s not just about arriving in beautiful places, Tasmania is full of those, it’s about being there at the right time for the best light, understanding the weather and being prepared with alternate locations that best suit the day we are there.  This all takes experience and practical research, something that can’t be done from behind a desk.

A small group is better – 8 is the magic number

Our group size for this Tasmania photo tour is  just 8 people, plus Adam and Paul.  8 is a small intimate group size that works so well for the wilderness nature of this tour.   The last thing you want in the serene beauty of an ancient rain forest is to be there with a huge group of people!  Many of the places we stay on this journey are also simply not equipped to handle big groups, we stay in smaller cabins that ensures we are right out amongst the beautiful nature rather than having to drive long miles each day.

Tasmania Photo Tour, Tarkine Wilderness

No hidden extras.

There are no hidden extras on these tours, no meals that are not covered or nights you have to find your own Hotel.  This tour begins and ends in Launceston, Tasmania, so you just have to make your way there and back home at the end.  In Launceston we have included the first night at the Hotel so we can all meet there the night before we head off on the adventure the next day.  The only extras are alcohol and any snacks you may want to buy along the way.

The road less traveled – by car

Our transport for this photo tour are a pair of comfortable new model cars.  We have two 8 seater vans, driven by Paul and Adam (who are specially licensed to drive tour vehicles), yet we only have 8 people on the tour, so there is plenty of room to stretch the legs and for the all important camera gear.  Having the two vans also gives us much more flexibility regarding locations and timing, as well as that safety margin in the case of a breakdown.  We have full radio communications between vans, so you never miss out on the jokes.

Tasmania Photo Tour

Multiple nights means more time on location and less time packing

Besides the first night welcome evening in Launceston, we are in each location on this tour for at least two nights.  Most locations we actually remain at for three consecutive nights.  We have planned these locations carefully to be central and very close to lots of the beautiful places we plan to take you.  This way we spend less time commuting, and less time packing with more time enjoying the photogenic beauty of Tasmania.

Food glorious food!

All your meals on the tour are included, from breakfast in Launceston as we start the journey on day 2 to lunch back in Launceston on day 13.  Lots of time spent outdoors in the crisp fresh air of Tasmania will make you hungry, and the air doesn’t get any fresher than the west coast of Tasmania, it’s the cleanest air in the world.  To ensure you are fully prepared to make the most of this clean fresh air we will be feeding you lots of fabulous fresh food.  For the really remote locations in the Tarkine region where we stay for 6 nights of the journey we even have our own chef!

What you need to know before you go

The best way to ensure you enjoy this trip to Tasmania is to be fully prepared before you leave. “What weather should I expect, what clothes are appropriate for the climate? How is the tour organised and what about my camera gear?“

All these and just about any other questions you can think of are clearly answered in the pre trip notes. If you have questions after reading the notes Adam and Paul are always available via email or over the phone to help out.

The better prepared you are the more fun you will have and then the more fun we will have.

Tasmanian Photo tour-09

Should you go on this photo tour to Tasmania?

This photo tour is for anyone with a love of wild untamed places and a keen interest in wilderness photography.  It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, all levels of photographer are welcomed, in fact the diverse experience of the group is an integral part of what makes it so much fun.  The only qualification required to go on this photo tour is a love of the wilderness and stunning isolated places.

Physical fitness

This tour will take us through the true Tasmanian wilderness,  remote and untamed terrain. It is not a trekking tour, and we will be sleeping in comfortable beds, have hot showers and great food every day.  However, a good level of walking fitness is essential.  You will need the ability to negotiate uneven ground (no climbing required) while carrying your own camera gear.  We have many scenic walks planned that are remote and spectacular, so a love of the World’s wild places is essential.  How far you wish to go is of course a personal choice, you are not required to take all the walks, or even walk the whole way.  The aim of this tour is enjoyment after all.

What about non photographers?

Non photographers are very welcome on this photo tour, either as a partner of a keen photographer, or simply as somebody who appreciates the slower more considered pace this photography tour provides.  Obviously you will have to work within the photography schedule and be prepared to find yourself in breathtakingly beautiful places.  Also don’t be surprised if you find yourself smitten by the photography bug.  A few days of hanging out with mad keen photographers will do that.

You’re only as old as you decide you are

The age group for our Tasmania photo tours is very diverse, we have people from 28 years old to 78 years old in the same group and it seems from our experience the more diverse the ages the better.

Photography is one thing that is not limited by how old you are, you simply adjust the way you shoot. At 25 you may want to hang out of a tree (we don’t recommend this) to get the perfect shot, but at 50 that shouldn’t seem like such a good idea any more. That doesn’t mean you won’t get that perfect shot though, your way of seeing has just matured like a fine wine.

Provided you can walk unassisted carrying your camera gear, are comfortable walking on natural trails and love being out in the wild untamed nature this Tasmania photo tour will suit you well. No rock climbing or similar acrobatics will be expected of you, we walk a lot in nature on this tour but the trails are well defined and you decide how far you wish to go.

Tasmania Photo Tour, Pieman River and Tarkine Wilderness

Photography Tuition & priorities

On this Tasmania photo tour you are always assured of personal interaction and tuition, whatever your needs.  Most evenings after dinner we will get together to discuss the days events and talk about photography topics as diverse as camera functionality, low light photography and motion blur,  to downloading images, post processing and of course the all important composition and the decisive moment.  There is  nothing quite like traveling with a small group of like minded people to really build your skills and confidence.  Adam and Paul will be shooting a few images along side you, but your images, your tuition and  your experiences will always be the priority.

Your camera gear.

There is really no limit to what camera gear you take other than your ability to carry it. Everything from Digital SLRs, professional and consumer, simple point and shoot cameras, even medium format digital and film or your iPhone.  What ever level of camera equipment you have, we will ensure you get the most out of it, after all, it’s great photographers who make great images, not great cameras!   After you sign up for the tour we will send you a comprehensive recommended gear and packing list. Adam and Paul are always happy to discuss the camera gear you have and how to best make it work for you.

Tasmania Photo Tour, Tarkine Wilderness

Photography & Lightroom E-Books to keep

In the months leading up to the tour we will send you out all the information you will need to prepare for the adventure ahead. This includes several comprehensive E-Books on Photography techniques & workflow, plus an in depth guide to using Lightroom to manage and edit your images. We will be running workshops on many photography topics, and we use Lightroom to demonstrate many post processing tricks and techniques. These E-Books help cement this knowledge and are yours to keep.

Custom made Tasmania Lightroom catalogue

We also send you a fully functional Lightroom catalogue (you will need to have Lightroom software) with a complete set of Tasmania Keywords and Smart Collections already loaded. Since keywording is rather boring this makes the job very quick and easy so you can get on with the fun stuff. Even if you already have a Lightroom catalogue, it’s easy to merge catalogues together. How to achieve this is explained in the Lightroom E-Book.

What about Capture One?

Don’t worry if you use Capture One instead of Lightroom, we also give you the keyword list separately, so you can import that directly into Capture One. Adam has been using Capture One extensively for years, so he can help you with this too.

Tasmania Photo Tour, Tarkine coast

Like to enquire about this tour?  

  • Dates.  TBA
  • Tour Price Twin Share: TBA
  • Single Supplement: TBA
  • 12 full days in Tasmania
  • Just 8 participants

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Your Photo Guides – Adam Monk
Photo tour leader Adam Monk Portrait

Adam is a landscape and travel photographer with a longstanding passion for the natural environment.  He has been traveling and photographing the worlds wild places for over 30 years and the enthusiasm just continues to grow.  Adam has been based out of his own landscape photography gallery in the port city of Fremantle Western Australia for the last 14 years and his images can be found in numerous private and corporate collections all over the world.  For the last 13 years (Excluding the COVID hiatus) Adam has been organizing and running photography workshops and photography tours to some of the worlds wild and beautiful places such as The Kimberley, The Pilbara, Cambodia, Iceland, Greenland, Japan, Bhutan, and Tasmania.  To date he has organized and run more than 40 successful dedicated photography tours.

Your Photo Guides – Paul Hoelen

Originally born in New Zealand to a Dutch Sailor and an American Nun, Paul has managed to put his four passports to excellent use before eventually settling on the beautiful, wild island of Tasmania.  Paul is a Master of Photography in the AIPP and Fellow of the NZIPP, he has won many awards and judges regularly at a state, national and international level, runs photo workshops worldwide and writes for numerous magazines.  Self taught, travel hungry and with a healthy thirst for adventure he thrives on the challenge and freshness of shooting a wide diversity of genres ranging from fine art nudes, landscapes, and large-scale event photography through to fashion, travel, documentary and environmental portraiture – though he’s most renowned for his exquisite landscape imagery.  Amongst his many talents, Paul has worked as a wilderness guide in some of the most remote parts of Tasmania for some years. You can see more of Paul’s Photography HERE>>

Tasmania Photo Tour, North Coast Wilderness

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