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The World is an amazing place, from wild nature to incredible culture, and one of the best ways to experience the wonderful diversity of our world is through the art of photography.

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Tasmania Wilderness

Pure Wilderness Landscape!

Croatia Photo Tour, Split

Croatia Ancient Cities

Ancient cities stunning waterfalls

Japan Autumn Photo Tour

Japan Autumn Colour

More than Just Autumn Colour

The Fremantle Gallery

After 13 years of running the gallery in the heart of Fremantle Adam has now gone completely online. The gallery is gone but you can still view and purchase all of Adam’s stunning images directly from the website. Click on the images links in the left hand column to find exactly what you are after.

Stock Clearance Sale

We still have a few great pieces of ready printed and framed ex gallery fine art images of Australia available at some super special prices, to see all the images available Click HERE>>

Latest News

Action for the Kimberley Coast

October 20th, 2010

If you’ve been keeping up with the James Price Point Debate, and you are feeling angry by whats going on but also frustrated because you don’t know what you can do… Try these links for a good starting point.

Save the Kimberley

The Wilderness Society

It’s only takes a few minutes, and it’s a numbers game.  If enough of us sign up for these the politicians will have to take notice.

The old Barman of Parati-Brasil

October 17th, 2010

I was looking through some  folders on my computer the other day (while i was supposed to be working) and i came across my images from Brasil that i shot several years ago and have never done anything with.  I have been promising friends over there that these would end up on the website, and so far there has always been too much to do to actually do anything about it.  Well, i’m an expert procrastinator, so while i was supposed to be doing other things i sat down and worked up this image a bit.

The first of many images from Brasil
The old Barman of Parati

I came across the old barman of Parati-Brasil, while walking through some magic coastal bush just out of a 15th century town of Parati (pronounced Para-chi).  The trail went out around some headlands covered in South American rainforest that ran right down to the waters edge, the coastline was craggy and beautiful with many inlets and deep, steep sided bays.

It wasn’t a particularly long or difficult hike, the path was pretty flat and the views were stunning, but it was certainly wilderness.

After about 4 hours of walking we suddenly came across this tiny house perched on the side of the hill at the waters edge, amongst the trees, and a bar… Yes, a bar.

Not quite what i had been expecting, but the beer was cold and welcome, and the barman had a great face.  If the face is the map of a persons life, this guy had been lots of places!  I had my Hasselblad XPan on this trip, its my standard travel camera, or was (until the 5D came along), and although not the usual portrait format i like the details of the mans life and work around him, it adds context.

I’m sorry to say i have forgotten his name, but i will always remember the experience

More on the Kimberley

October 12th, 2010

All is not lost with James Price Point, it seems Geoff Cousins is now on board the campaign to stop the giant Kimberley Gas Project (20 square Kilometres!). He is the man who was instrumental in several massive successful campaigns in Tasmania, including the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill.  This is a man who can really make a difference, he has a lot of influence and a loud voice, its good to see someone like him fighting for the cause.

More on the Gunns pulp mill

More on Geoff Cousins

Even More on Geoff Cousins and Gunns

Wedding Photography and Auto Functions

October 12th, 2010

Yesterday i shot a wedding for the first time in about 7 years. It was the 10/10/10 and apparently that is a great day for a wedding, because despite the terrible weather, there were al least another 4 weddings taking place within a stones throw of the one i was photographing.

I’ve been trying to be a little creative with ways to get out from behind the gallery counter more and back behind the camera, where i love to be, so when a friend asked me if i might shoot his daughters wedding, not really expecting me to say yes… (him understanding my love of empty quiet places and general dislike of crowds.) i surprised both of us when i said, sure, why not?  Well, i had just bought the Canon 5D Mk II and was having fun taking pictures of anything and everything so it seemed like providence. Read the rest of this entry »

A question of Pixels

October 1st, 2010

All  the images on my site are shot on large format film, except one… can you pick it?   I have many thousands of negatives of all formats from 5″x4″ to 35mm in folders all over the place… so much for organised security!

I’ve had a lot of fun with film, and used more than my fair share of it over the years.  Time i moved on, so,  about 8 months ago  i bought my first real digital camera, a Canon 5D Mk II  and  i am loving it.  I recently took it with me to Greece and i just had a ball, shooting HDR images (manually blended with layers) and stitched Panos with this awesome  pano head from Really Right Stuff that i picked up a while back.  This camera is not just my first real digital, its my first camera with auto focus!  I’ve been sitting on the fence for quite a while it seems.

The last 35mm gear i had was a Leica RE with a whole bag of beautiful prime lenses, all manual focus and full manual exposure.  I think the camera had some auto exposure functions on it, but i never used them, so i have no idea if they worked or not.  I just sold this camera recently, it’s helping pay for the new setup.

I remember 12 years ago when i worked for Fremantle Black & White (Black & White lab here in Freo), and using one of the first serious professional digital cameras in the studio, it was about 1.5 mega pixels and hugely expensive.  It had a viewing screen the size of a postage stamp and was awfully slow, but even then it was clearly the way forward, though it had a long way to go.

South Beach sunset in Fremantle Western Australia

Check out the depth of field

A couple of days ago i picked up the latest addition for the Canon 5D Mk II kit, a 17mm f4L Tilt Shift lens. its a bit more like what i’m used to, being a prime lens with manual focus.  Although it’s really designed for architectural style work, the tilt and shift capabilities make it ideal for landscape due to the almost infinite depth of field possible.  I took it down to South Beach yesterday after work and had a bit of a play around, takes a bit of getting used to, but i think its going to be awesome for stitching pano images.

I think it’ll still be a while before i replace the 6 x 17 film camera, but not because i think it’s better than digital, rather, i can’t yet afford the camera that can replace it.  Anybody want to lend me $50,000?

Sunset at South Beach in Fremantle Western Australia

Both these images shot at f5.6

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