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Greenland Photography Tour

Updated August 19th, 2022

8 Day Photo Sailing adventure Tour in Scoresby Sound, East Greenland

Join Adam Monk for 8 Days of photographic adventure to the wild windswept region of Scoresby Sound in East Greenland.  We travel aboard our very own chartered 2 masted Schooner, the Donna Wood, for this awesome Greenland Photography Tour.
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Greenland Photo Tour 23

East Greenland, A place like no other…

Like nowhere else on Earth, Greenland is the worlds biggest island located on the edge of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Over 85% of Greenland is Glaciers and ice, and with almost no connecting roads, every coastal community is isolated. The best way to experience this amazing place is by boat. The view from the sea is unique, and we will be experiencing plunging coastal cliffs, calving glaciers and huge Icebergs with seals and whales gliding past as we explore the stunning sculptured Fjords that radiate out from Scoresby Sound.  Scoresby Sound is the largest and most intricate fjord complex in the world that extends over 350km inland from the East Greenland coast, it is also one of the World’s most stunningly beautiful places.

The elegant 2 masted Schooner,  Donna Wood will be our home and our base for the duration of the trip with daily landings and explorations of the coastal regions by zodiac.  The ship is a full charter, we are not sharing her with anyone else, just us and the crew!  This truly is a unique and spectacular place and a once in a lifetime photographic adventure.

Tour Information at a glance

  • 8 days in Scoresby Sound, East Greenland.
  • Total Tour Cost: tba
  • Small group size of 10 people (maximum).
  • Tour package includes All your meals.
  • Tour begins and ends in Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Tour price includes Reykjavik Hotels and meals
  • Flights included: Reykjavik (Iceland) to Greenland return.
  • Full boat charter, just our group on board.
  • 2 experienced professional photographers shooting beside you at each location.

Like to enquire about this Tour?

For questions on future Tours call Adam on  0415 854 179  (International +61 415 854 179) or  email


Itinerary:  8 day East Greenland Photography Tour

Day 1 :  Arrival

Photo tour to Iceland Day 01

You will arrive at Keflavik Airport and catch the comfortable and efficient Fly Bus (vouchers supplied) directly to our hotel in Reykjavik. Our Hotel is right in the heart of Reykjavik, so you can relax a little or explore the city for the rest of the day before we all meet up in a local Restaurant for dinner together.  Here we give you the brief on what’s coming up and to get to know each other a little before embarking on the big adventure.

Day 2 :  Ittoqqortoormiit

Greenland Photo Tour 15

We begin our journey today flying out of Reykjavik Iceland to arrive at Constable Point airport in East Greenland two hours later.  Here we board the Donna Wood, settle into our cabins and get the full briefing about all the adventures to come.  We begin by sailing to the most remote community in East Greenland, Ittoqqortoormiit (go on, try to say it…).  This is small hunters village of just 470 people and is as far as you can get from any other community in Greenland and the sea is their sole means of survival as well as their main road to the rest of Greenland.  The brightly painted wooden houses of Ittoqqortoormiit make wonderful foreground to your first views of the stunning Scoresby Sound, and you will wonder at the implausibility of surviving in such remote and isolated place where the sea is frozen solid for 9 months of the year!

Day 3 : Hekla Havn

Greenland Photo Tour with Adam Monk

Sailing West today through Scoresby Sound, between massive ice blocks that dwarf the Donna Wood.  This is an experience you will never forget, and the photo opportunities of this wondrous place will astound you.  We continue sailing through the myriad fjords of Scoresby Sound, amongst a continuous parade of majestic ice sculptures, around Cap Stevenson to the entrance of Gåsefjord in the inner Scoresby Sound. Gåsefjord is usually filled with monolithic ice bergs and covered in pack ice, and the groaning and rumbling of the ice makes for an ideal soundtrack to this other worldly place.  Here we anchor near Hekla Havn on the island of Denmark Ø, an old Inuit settlement where we will have the chance to explore and photograph the beautiful surroundings.

 Day 4 :  Hare fjord  

Greenland Photo Tour 27

Fønfjord is a narrow fjord surrounded by enormous mountains and on one side the 2000 metre high basalt cliffs of Greenland’s third biggest island, Milne Land. The land is hugely mountainous surrounding this fjord, and the steep sides drop straight down into the sea, giving us jaw dropping views that really need to be seen to be believed.  At the end of Fønfjord we turn in to Rødefjord with its huge ice bergs and splintered pack ice that will create havoc with your depth perception with the huge mountains making the ice bergs look like toys.  The continuously changing perspectives and light of the Arctic summer will leave you astounded at every turn.  We end the day anchored in Hare Fjord for some lovely sunset light.

Like to enquire about this Tour?

For info on this tour call Adam on  0415 854 179  (International +61 415 854 179) or  email

Day 5 :  Hare fjord 

We spend the day today anchored in Hare Fjord wandering around the wild coastline of the fjord photographing the breathtaking scenery.  There is lots of wildlife in this magical area of glacial tongues and mountain ridges, such as Muskox, Arctic Fox, Stoats, Mountain Hares and Eagles.  There is lots to see, explore and photograph here, so we send the whole day, with a bonfire and BBQ to end it.

Day 6 :  Øfjord

Greenland Photo Tour 22

Today we focus on the towering mountain peaks and summits of Øfjord.  Granite walls of 200 metres rise up vertically out of the sea all around us here, with jagged peaks shrouded in cloud making the perfect background for the ever changing shapes of the sculptured ice bergs floating serenely past our ship.  We sail East through Øfjord as we head towards our sheltered evening anchorage at Jyttes Havn on Bjørne Øer (Bear Islands).

Day 7 :  Bjørne Øer

Greenland Photo Tour 21

Bjørne Øer has many great photographic opportunities. The landscape here is radically different to anything we have seen so far with gentle slopes rising from North to South from sea level to enormous heights.   Huge sea stacks and towering coastal cliffs are home to some of the largest sea bird colonies of the North Atlantic, so some great potential for Arctic bird and wildlife photography here.  The polar bear that gave the island its name only wanders past in winter when the sea is frozen pack ice, so no danger of bumping into him!  We end this day in the restaurant with the best ambience in the region, with a beach picnic.

Day 8 :  Bjørne Øer

Greenland Photo Tour with Adam Monk

From our anchorage at Jyttes Havn today we will cruise around the archipelago surrounding Bjørne Øer and down the Eastern side of Milne Land Island.  This area is known as the Arctic Riviera because of its astounding picturesque beauty. This is also the region where the biggest ice bergs can usually be found and we will have lots of photographic opportunities here on the beginning of our journey back to Constable Point.  We will see sunset from the deck of the ship (weather permitting) and when we awake the following day we will be riding at anchor offshore from the airstrip at Constable Point.

Day 9 :  Constable Point to Reykjavik 

Greenland Photo Tour 12

A relaxing morning spent gathering our gear and packing, before a leisurely breakfast while comparing notes on the journey.  Then we say farewell to our crew and hosts, disembark from our ship and catch our flight back to Reykjavik in Iceland.

Day 10 :  Reykjavik Farewell and Departure

Greenland Photo Tour 29

Breakfast at our hotel (unfortunately the image above is not our hotel) and then it’s off to the airport on the FlyBus for the trip back home, with loads of stories to tell and literally hundreds of amazing images to wow your friends and family with.

**This itinerary is the plan, though the weather in Greenland is unpredictable, so there may be some deviations or schedule changes. Either way, we will be working hard to ensure you have an amazing photo tour in Greenland.  We don’t just want you to come on one tour with us, we want you to come back again and again.

Like to enquire about this Tour?

For info on this tour call Adam on  0415 854 179  (International +61 415 854 179) or  email

Dates – Tour Cost 

  • No Dates Planned – Email for details
  • Tour commences and ends in Reykjavik, Iceland.


  • Inclusive Tour Price:   TBA
  • Due to limited cabins on board there is no single supplement for this tour.

What’s Included

  • Flybus tickets to and from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik city (for arrival and departure).
  • Flights from Reykjavik to Greenland and return to Reykjavik.
  • Hotels and meals in Reykjavik for beginning & end of tour.
  • 8 days expedition on the Donna Wood Schooner, with all meals included.
  • All soft drinks and full crew service on board the Donna Wood.
  • Shared cabins (2 per cabin) with spacious bunk beds.
  • Photographic tuition and advice from 2 dedicated professional photographers.
  • Comprehensive photographic notes to help you remember all you have learnt.

What’s Not Included

  • Flights to and from Iceland.
  • Travel insurance (required as condition of booking).
  • Camera Insurance.
  • Any Excess baggage charges incurred.
  • Alcohol and extra beverages.
  • Any extras you may wish to buy along the way.
  • Due to the limited cabin space there is no single supplement for this tour.


Our Ship – The Donna Wood

Donna Wood is a beautiful two masted oak schooner representing Danish shipbuilding tradition at its very best.  The Donna Wood was originally built as a lighthouse ship in 1918, and then in 1990 the ship was totally restored and refurbished with modern navigation, safety and passenger facilities.
The Donna Wood is a expansive ship with a deck saloon seating 24 people and ample space below deck to comfortably accommodate 12 people in 7 cabins (Full compliment is 20 passengers, but we set a maximum of 12 plus Kerry & Adam)  equipped with washbasins and water closets. The ship has spacious shared shower facilities and toilets.




Your Photo Guide – Adam Monk

Greenland_Adam-MonkAdam is an award winning wilderness and travel photographer with a longstanding passion for the Worlds wild places.  He has been travelling and photographing the road less travelled for over 25 years and the enthusiasm just continues to grow.  Adam has been based out of his own landscape photography gallery in the port city of Fremantle, Western Australia for the last 14 years.  His images can be found in numerous private collections all over the world.  For the last 13 years Adam has been organising and running photography workshops and photography tours to some of the worlds wild and beautiful places such as The Kimberley, The Pilbara, Tasmania, Bhutan, Japan, Cambodia, Iceland and Greenland.


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