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All Tours General Terms & Conditions

Updated August 22nd, 2023

These photography tours are organised and run by Adam Monk Photo Tours (Adam Monk Photo Tours Pty Ltd, atf Adam Monk Family Trust. Also trading as WildLight Photo Tours). All references to “we” “our” and “us” used in the clauses below refers to Adam Monk Photo Tours, its agents or representatives.

The published itinerary for our tours is subject to alterations and changes without notice as seen fit by the operators to adapt to changing conditions.  The aim of our tours is always to provide participants with the best experiences and the best photo opportunities possible.

Standard Tour Terms & Conditions

1. PART 1 – General Terms

1.1        To Book a Place on a Tour: 

  • To secure your place on a tour you must fill out the booking form available on each tour specific webpage and ensure you submit it. 
  • You will be notified via email when your booking request has been received.  You will also receive a tour deposit invoice.  
  • After you have paid the tour deposit, and we have confirmed receipt via email your place is secure.  
  • We will then email you all the information you need to prepare for your adventure.  
  • We are always available via phone or email for any questions.

1.2 COVID19 Travel Policy:  

  1. In the scheduling and running of our tours, Adam Monk Photo Tours follows best practise guidance from the Australian Government Department of Health, the World Health Organisation and our tour suppliers in regards to COVID19 safety.  
  2. We have taken all reasonable precautions to mitigate the risk of  tour participants being exposed to COVID19, including: not running tours or workshops to any known hotspots, social distancing where possible, encouraging the use of anti bacterial hand cleaner and keeping tour numbers to small groups (usually 4-8 people per tour).
  3. According to the Australian Department of Health and the World Health Organisation current guidelines, being up to date with COVID19 vaccinations significantly reduces your chance of becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID19 infection.
  4. Adam Monk Photo Tours recommend that you follow the vaccination advice of these health organisations, but due to the highly contagious and unpredictable nature of COVID19, the ultimate responsibility must lie with the individual, and you must make your own decision to travel based on your personal circumstances.
  5. Should you decide to cancel your place on the tour after booking, due to concerns about COVID19, or you should contract COVID19 just prior to departure, any refunds will be subject to our cancellation and refund policy found further below in this document.  Also see our travel insurance clause below.
  6. In the event of COVID19 travel restrictions being imposed, our Limitations of Liability Force Majeure clause applies (see below).
  7. By signing up and agreeing to take part in this tour you agree to indemnify Adam Monk Photo Tours, its directors, agents, partners, employees or associates from any liability in regard to COVID19 infection and any possible resulting illness or death.

1.3 Health and Diet: 

If you have any medical or health concerns, special dietary needs or food allergies it is mandatory that you disclose this to us on the booking form.  

While we will try to accommodate special needs for health or special dietary requests, we cannot accept responsibility for medical care for any Participant and we cannot be held liable for dietary requests not being met.  Please contact us to discuss this if you are in doubt.

1.4        Tour Fitness Requirements: 

  1. Our tours are designed for adults in reasonable health, of moderate fitness and good balance.  The tour may involve walking or hiking on natural trails, uneven surfaces and up and down inclines that can at times be steep and uneven, while carrying your own camera equipment and water.  
  2. Each tour will have different fitness requirements and these will be identified on the specific tour web page and the associated booking form.  
  3. Many locations on this tour form part of the natural environment, wildlife and stinging insects may be present, weather conditions are unpredictable and temperatures may be Extreme.  We will exercise all reasonable care and diligence but you are responsible for your own safety. 
  4. The tour leader has the final say, and may exclude you from participating in certain activities or destinations  if, in their opinion A):  the activity or destination is beyond your physical abilities and/or  B): there is a potential threat to your health, safety or well being.  No partial refunds for missed activities or destinations will be given in these circumstances.
  5. Guests may of course opt out of specific activities at any time at their own discretion.
  6. You may also need to obtain medical vaccinations, depending on the tour location and should seek medical advice to determine if this is needed for you.  
  7. If you have any concerns or doubts regarding the above please feel free to contact us via email or phone to discuss this further.

1.5 Travel Insurance:   

  1. It is a mandatory condition of tour participation that you have full insurance cover for the duration of this tour.  You must ensure the cover is sufficient for the needs and meets the criteria set out below.  Please ensure you know your policy number and the 24 hour emergency phone number in case you need to make a claim.
  2. You should carefully read the insurers PDS to ensure you are familiar with all inclusions and exclusions, you should also specifically check for your coverage in the event of COVID19 disruptions.
  3. We recommend you take out insurance immediately upon booking and paying the deposit for this tour.  
  4. We may require you to provide proof of your current travel insurance prior to tour commencement.
1.5.1   Your Travel insurance MUST include cover for:
  1. Full emergency evacuation cover – Citizens & residents of Australia, on tours within Australia exempted.
  2. Full repatriation expenses  – Except when on tour within your home country.
  3. The full and correct dates of travel, including transit, departure and arrival dates.
1.5.2   Your Travel insurance should include cover for:
  1. Full tour costs.
  2. Airfares and any extras you may have paid for.
  3. Lost or damaged luggage.
1.5.3    Credit Card Insurance cover.

Many credit card companies offer travel insurance as a part of their card package.  They usually provide very little information about the details of this insurance.  If you intend to use Credit Card insurance you must verify the cover meets the standard as laid out above.

1.6 Camera and other Insurance: 

We recommend that you have comprehensive camera & portable computer insurance.

1.7 Privacy: 

Adam Monk Photo Tours will not share your personal information with any third party other than to the extent necessary for the operation of the Tour, and we will never sell your information to any third party.

To read our full privacy policy go HERE>>

1.8 Image Release:

During the tour, Adam Monk Photo Tours may take photographs of you and other participants of the tour for publicity purposes.  You agree to the taking and publication of photographs of you by Adam Monk Photo Tours solely for publicity purposes.

2. PART 2 – Tour price and Payments

2.1 Tour Price and Accommodation:  

The Tour price is based upon double/twin share accommodation unless stated otherwise on the tour specific web page and booking form.  If you wish to share accommodation you must nominate another participant (partner or friend) to share with.  We will not pair you with another participant who is unknown to you.  The possibility of snoring induced insomnia ruining your experience is too high.

2.2 Single Supplement Option:  

The Single Supplement option entitles you to private hotel rooms (or equivalent) for the tour and usually a private bathroom unless otherwise specified.  If you are travelling alone, and thus unable to nominate another participant to share hotel rooms with, then the Single Supplement component is payable.   

2.3 Bookings and Payments Waiting List:  

Should your Booking form be received after the tour has become fully booked, we will inform you via email and place you on a waiting list.  Places on the tour will be booked, and the waiting list maintained in the order booking forms are received.  We will let you know if a place becomes available.

2.4 Payment for the Tour

Tour Payments will be broken into 3 components due on dates outlined on the tour specific web page and/or the associated booking form.

  1. Booking Deposit, paid immediately after booking to secure your place.
  2. 2nd payment being 50% of the remainder of total price, including any single supplement or add ons.  This will be due approximately 120 days prior to departure.
  3. 3rd payment, being the remaining balance of full tour price, including any single supplement and add ons.  This payment will fall due approximately 60 days prior to tour commencement.
  • All payment due dates will be detailed on the individual tour booking form and we will email you an invoice  for each component as it falls due.
  • It is essential that these payments are made on time as they represent dates at which we are required to make tour payments to our suppliers on your behalf.
  • All payments, including the booking deposit, are refundable subject to the terms of our refund policy found below, along with any additional clauses that may be outlined on each tour specific web page and/or associated booking form.
  • If you have any problems making these payment deadlines please contact us immediately to discuss it.
2.4.1 Payment Options.
  1. You must pay all monies by electronic funds transfer in the currency specified on the tour web page to our Bank account.  Bank details will be provided on the booking form or our booking confirmation email.
  2. We do not accept payments in any other currency or any other method than that specified on the web page and booking form. 
  3. The amount of funds that land in our account must match the amount due exactly. 
  4. We are not responsible for any fees that may be incurred with Electronic Funds transfer from your Bank or any intermediary Bank to our bank account.  
  5. Please ensure that all Bank and transfer fees are paid at your end of the transaction and are not deducted from the total figure transferred.  This is a common mistake and results in incomplete payment.  Payment shortfall arriving in our bank will be reflected in the invoice for final balance of payments.
2.4.2 Why do we only accept EFT and not Credit Cards?
  • Our aim is deliver the best value tour or workshop possible, part of that means cutting out unnecessary costs.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer is the most cost efficient method to transfer money nationally and internationally.  
  • Credit Card companies charge substantial hidden fees (especially AMEX). You won’t see the fee when you pay, the fee is deducted at our end as a percentage.  
  • As these tours and workshops involve substantial payments, the credit card fees are substantial too.  
  • We then need to add that credit card fee back to the cost of the tour, and the tour price goes up accordingly.  Ultimately it is you who pays for those extra frequent flyer points, and they can be very expensive. 
  • To read a full explanation of this topic go HERE>>
2.4.3 A Suggestion on International Transfers & Exchange Rates.
  • Because this tour payment may not be in your home currency, it may be considered an international transfer by your Bank.   Your Bank may charge you a transfer fee and an international exchange fee plus they will give you a very poor exchange rate.
  • The most fee economical way to do an international transfer (should it be required) is to open a Forex (foreign Exchange) account with a company, which usually takes about 15 minutes. 
  • The exchange rate will be considerably better, and their fees are significantly less.  On a substantial transfer this will save you quite some money.

3. PART 3 – Cancellation & Refunds

3.1 General Cancellation & Refund Policy:  

  • We have tried to make our Cancellation & Refund policy as fair and equitable as possible.  Circumstances change and unexpected things happen, so the best thing to do is contact us and we will do our utmost to help out.  
  • Our general cancellation and refund policy is set out below.  Please note that there may be specific cancellation and refund policies for your specific tour.  If so, these policies will be set out on the tour specific web page and/or the associated booking form.  
  • If the event of conflict between clauses in the below cancellation policy and any tour specific provisions, then the tour specific provisions shall take precedence.

3.2  If we cancel the Tour:

  1. In the event we cancel the tour because it has not attained a sufficient number of guests to run, you will be fully refunded, including your deposit.  
  2. In the unlikely circumstances where a Force Majeure event causes the cancellation of some or all of the tour, refunds will be given if possible, but subject to reasonable incurred costs.  See below for a full explanation of Force Majeure.
  3. Any decision to cancel a tour is at the discretion of  Adam Monk Photo Tours or their official representative.

3.3  Your Participation in the tour may be cancelled by us:

  1. If we do not receive payments by the due date specified in the tour specific booking form.  In this event you will be refunded based on the Refund Schedule as set out below.
  2. If, in our opinion your behaviour is disruptive, poses a hazard, or is likely to adversely impact any person involved in the tour (including Guides, interpreters or other service providers).  Hazard or adverse impact includes endangering the health and safety of any person, causing personal injury or potential personal injury, loss of or damage to property of any person involved with or peripheral to the tour.  In this event no refunds shall be given and you may be liable for any damage or losses incurred as a result of your behaviour.

3.4  If you cancel your place on the tour:

If you cancel your place on the tour there may be cancellation charges, as laid out below.  All cancellation requests must be made by email to Calculation of dates for refunds will be based on the date we acknowledge receipt of your email.

  1. You may cancel your place on the tour without penalty if:  a) The Tour price increases by more than 10% above the advertised price after you have booked.  b) There is a major change in the itinerary, such as tour dates, total number of days, major destinations or locations.  Note, changes in accommodation, order of destinations or minor activity programming are not considered major changes.
  2. If you cancel at any time prior to departure, and you provide an alternate client willing to take on the booking and full tour cost to replace you.  Then you will be fully refunded all the monies you have paid to us, including your deposit, minus any reasonable costs involved in transferring the booking.  This may involve some non transferable, non refundable components (such as airfares) in which case this component forms part of the costs and will not be refunded
  3. If you cancel your place prior to the commencement of the tour and the conditions directly above (3.4-1 or 3.4-2) do not apply,  then you will be refunded according to the following schedule 

3.5  Cancellation Refund Schedule

  1. Cancellation 120 days or longer prior to commencement of the tour/workshop.  You will be refunded 100% of any monies paid to us to date towards the full cost of the tour Minus: (1) Any non refundable expenses paid by us to 3rd party suppliers on your behalf.
  2. Cancellation 90-119 days prior to commencement of the tour/workshop.  You will be refunded 100% of any monies paid to us to date towards the full cost of the tour Minus: (1) the booking deposit, and (2) Any non refundable expenses paid by us to 3rd party suppliers on your behalf.  
  3. Cancellation 60-89 days prior to commencement of the tour/workshop.  You will be refunded 75% of any monies paid to us to date towards the full cost of the tour Minus: (1) the booking deposit, and (2) Any non refundable expenses paid by us to 3rd party suppliers on your behalf.  
  4. Cancellation 45-59 days prior to commencement of the tour/workshop.  You will be refunded 50% of any monies paid to us to date towards the full cost of the tour Minus: (1) the booking deposit, and (2) Any non refundable expenses paid by us to date to 3rd party suppliers on your behalf.  
  5. Cancellation less than 45 days prior to commencement of the tour/workshop no refund will be made.

3.6 Refund Method:  

  1. All refunds will be made by the same method as the original payment and in the same currency. 
  2. Refunds are limited to the paid portion of Tour cost actually paid to us, in the currency paid to us. 
  3. No refund of Bank fees, currency value fluctuation differentials, transfer charges, airfares, insurance or other incidental costs will be made.

3.7 Part Refunds:  

  1. No part refunds will be made for unused portions or services of the tour. 
  2. Adam Monk Photo Tours are not responsible for, and will not provide, any refund for sectors or portions of the tour itinerary or services missed due to circumstances beyond our control. 
  3. This includes but is not limited to cancellations or delays due to adverse weather, road conditions, mechanical breakdowns, war, political instability, border closures, travel bans or restrictions, pandemics, epidemics, other infectious diseases and “acts of God” or other Force Majeure events (see below for explanation).

3.8       When Flights or specific transfers are included

3.8.1 Included Transfer
  1. If you are booking a tour that includes an airport pickup and transfer at the beginning of the trip (ie: our Karijini Photo Tour), this will be subject to just one flight arrival time specified and agreed upon for the whole group prior to tour commencement. 
  2. If you miss that flight or it is otherwise cancelled or significantly delayed, we will not be obliged to return to the airport for another flight or arrival Time. 
  3. You will then be responsible for making your own way to meet up with the group. 
  4. We will liaise with you to facilitate your journey and rapid arrival as much as possible without compromising the tour itinerary for the rest of the group, but these are circumstances beyond our control and we cannot be held responsible for this and no part refund will be given.
3.8.2 Included Flight
  1. If you are booking a tour that includes a flight to the starting point of the tour (ie: our Photo tour to Bhutan), it is solely your responsibility to ensure you arrive at the airport in sufficient time and sufficiently prepared to catch that flight. 
  2. Should you miss that flight for any reason, then it is your responsibility to book and if necessary pay for additional transport so that you may rejoin the group. 
  3. We will facilitate this process as much as reasonably possible, without compromising the tour itinerary for the rest of the group , but these circumstances are beyond our control, we cannot be held responsible and no part refund will be given.

4. PART 4 – Responsibility and Liability

4.1 The liability of  Adam Monk Photo Tours is strictly limited.

4.2 Adam Monk Photo Tours organises, operates, promotes and sells photography tours and workshops that consist of goods and services purchased from various other suppliers. Adam Monk Photo Tours does not own, operate or have a financial interest in any of these suppliers and as such is not responsible for any negligent act, failure or omission of said suppliers.  By signing up and agreeing to take part in this tour you agree to indemnify Adam Monk Photo Tours, its directors, its agents, partners, employees or associates from any failings of such suppliers.

4.3.1 Force Majeure: 

  1. In the occurance of a Force Majeure event, that makes it unsafe  or impossible for Adam Monk Photo Tours to complete all or part of the photo tour, we will refund you for the unperformed component less any reasonable costs before cancellation. 
  2. In some cases these costs may amount to a substantial proportion of the total tour cost.  Adam Monk Photo Tours, acting in good faith,  will use all reasonable endeavours to mitigate any losses incurred, and cannot be held responsible for these losses, damages or extra expenses as a result of  Force Majeure events.
4.3.2  Force Majeure Definition
  1. Force Majeure may be defined for the purposes of these Terms & Conditions as any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, reasonably anticipate, foresee, avoid or control which adversely impinges on or prevents the successful or safe continuation or running of the tour. 
  2. Such Force Majeure events may be caused by, but are not limited to: Extreme weather conditions, war, terrorist activity, pandemics, epidemics, other infectious diseases, natural or nuclear disaster, closure of borders, imposed travel bans or restrictions,  change in travel schedules, failure of transportation services, closure of airlines, illness, injury or any other factors that may adversely affect leaders and/or participants travel plans or arrangements.  
  3. Any and all such loss or damage as a result of  a Force Majeure event, including to personal items such as, but not limited to personal camera and computer equipment are the sole responsibility of the participant.

4.4 Substitute Accommodation: 

Adam Monk Photo Tours reserves the right to substitute accommodation of a similar kind for those indicated in any issued itinerary and to alter said itinerary or transport arrangement where it deems necessary.

4.5 Program Alterations: 

Adam Monk Photo Tours reserves the right to alter the program and substitute any activities where weather, other forces of nature, or local conditions including but not limited to wars or political instability prohibit the originally planned activities or they are deemed unsafe or ill advised.

4.6 Substitute Tour Leader: 

  1. Adam Monk Photo Tours reserves the right to replace the tour leader at any time at its discretion.
  2. Reasons for this may include but are not limited to unforeseen incidents, medical incidents or limitations, to the tour leader or sickness to members of the tour leaders family.
  3. In the event of such circumstances Adam Monk Photo Tours will appoint a tour leader  with a similar skill set, knowledge of the locations, photography style and experience. 

4.7 Agreement with T&Cs and Acceptance of Risk

  1. A digital acknowledgement and agreement with these Terms & Conditions and Acceptance of Risk must be received from each participant prior to commencement of this tour or workshop.  
  2. This acceptance takes the form of a mandatory check box on our digital booking form. 
  3. These Terms & Conditions are available for download from within the booking form directly, and from various other prominant locations on each tour specific web page of our website.

4.8 No alterations accepted

The Booking form, Terms & Conditions and Acceptance of Risk form must be complete and unaltered, no variations will be accepted.

4.9 No Participation without agreement

If a participant takes part in a tour or workshop without agreeing to our Terms & Conditions and Acceptance of Risk, their attendance is deemed to confirm their acceptance and full agreement with all parts of these Terms & Conditions and the terms in the Acceptance of Risk form.

4.10 Governing Jurisdiction

The Booking form, Terms & Conditions and Acceptance of Risk form are governed by the laws of Western Australia and in all cases will be interpreted in accordance with those laws and any dispute is subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Western Australia.

5. PART 5 – Acceptance of Risk, Release, Discharge & Indemnity

  1. The information I have provided to Adam Monk Photo Tours (Adam Monk Photo Tours Pty Ltd atf Adam Monk Family Trust. Also Trading as WildLight Photo Tours) on the Booking form is true and correct and I understand that Adam Monk Photo Tours is relying on that information.
  2. I have been advised of the inherent risks, if any, associated with the tour and I voluntarily choose to participate in the tour accepting any risks.
  3. I have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions in relation to my participation in, and the conduct of the tour, and the costs associated with the tour.
  4. I unconditionally release and discharge Adam Monk Photo Tours from all liabilities, claims and causes of action that may arise from any act, omission, default, failure or error on the part of Adam Monk Photo Tours occurring during the course of the tour or whilst in transit to or from the tour. 
  5. I acknowledge and agree that this is in addition to any other release and indemnity provided by me by agreeing to the Terms and Condition of my participation in the tour. 

Privacy Policy

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