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Updated August 19th, 2022
Photographic Tours and workshops archive page

Photography FAQ

On this page are some of the most frequently asked questions on Photography that I get at the gallery, there are also some links to interesting articles and stories.  Have a browse through for your question, if you don’t find what you are after please contact me here, and I will get back to you directly with an answer.

Can Photography be art?

This is a question that has been asked many times over the years, click here to read my attempt to answer it.

Have you won any awards?

I don’t often enter contests, due mainly to lack of time (running a gallery eats time!), but I have won a few awards along the way click here to have a look.

How are your prints created, and what about digital printing?

Most of my earlier images are shot on film, though I am now shooting exclusively digital (Hasselblad H4D-60, then Phase One XF & IQ3-100), the process is not that different actually.  To read more about the differences and the similarities click here. To see an article about the Digital Printing process, click here.

What is a large format Camera?

Large format is really describing the size of the piece of film or sensor size used in a shot, but there is a little more to it than that, read a complete description here.

What is this Panoramic Camera you use?

I have used many different camera types, below are the main ones.

  • Fuji G617 and the  GX617, there is a complete review and description of these cameras here.
  • Linhof Technorama 617s III with a series of Schneider lenses, read about it HERE>
  • Hasselblad H4D 60Mp digital, Entries with this camera can be found here>
  • Phase One XF & IQ3-100… 100Mp digital, read about that here>

How about delivery of your images?

All images purchased on the website include free delivery to your location anywhere in the world.  They come rolled in a tube ready for stretching or framing, depending on the media you choose, and are fully insured and guaranteed to your door.  In the unlikely event that an image should be damaged in transit I will replace it free of any additional charges.

What about the quality of the images, are there any guarantees?

When you order one of my limited edition photographic images you are buying an artwork for life!  If there is ever a fault with the materials, workmanship or the image colours, I will replace the image.

Obviously you have to treat the image with some care, but this is fairly simple: No direct sunlight, no cleaning fluids, no abrasives and no extreme temperature – such as above a fireplace – or humidity (bathrooms are not good places for photographs).  Thats it.  If you have taken these basic care steps and something goes wrong with your image, such as it begins to fade or colour changes become noticeable, I will replace it with a brand new one just as it was when you first purchased it.

The new image will even have the same edition number as the original, as we will take back the damaged one and destroy it, then re-issue the edition number for the replacement.  In all the years I have been doing this professionally I have only ever had to replace one image and this was due to a faulty Canvas base.

What sizes and formats do the images come in?

Prints are available in sizes to suit any wall, from 80cm to 3m long and beyond ( I recently printed and delivered a 4m canvas, you can read about it here).   I have a series of standard image sizes you can choose from, or if you have specific need we can custom print an image to suit, come in to the gallery and talk to us, or you can contact us here. On the website you can choose from a variety of highest quality archivally stable media, from Photographic paper for a more traditional look, to 100% cotton museum grade canvas.  Both media options are the same price for the same image and size, so the difference is really up to your preferences.  Both are of the same high quality and come with the same guarantees (see above).

How can I purchase an image?

Unframed Limited Edition images can be ordered from this website and paid for securely using the PayPal direct link.

To choose images from this site simply click on the category link to the left of this page, ie: Kimberley, Pilbara, South Coast ect.  Or you can put a search term into the image search box below the category links, such as beach, or river, and click search.

You can click on the image thumbnails that scroll across the top to see a bigger version of the image with all the image information displayed, including price and size options, and you can click on this image in turn to see an even bigger version displayed.

To make a purchase follow the steps from Media Type, to Size (the price will automatically update) and then Add to Cart. From there a Checkout button will appear on top of the image categories and you can click this anytime to proceed to payment options through the secure server of PayPal.  Easy.

Are you running any Photography Workshops?

Yes I am.  You can find out about my latest Photographic workshops here>

Do you run any Photographic Tours?

Yes I do, I am Currently running annual Photography tours to Bhutan, Iceland,  GreenlandCambodia Tasmania, Karijini and Japan.  For all the information on all of my Photography Tours you can go to the Photo Tours page.

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