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Kimberley Photographic Tour Extras

January 29th, 2011
View from Brancos Lookout at El Questro Station, East Kimberley Western Australia

The spectacular view from Brancos lookout at El Questro Station, Kimberley WA

More news for the Kimberley Photographic Tour for May 2011, I have been talking to Ben and Trevor from Team Digital about these fantastic F-Stop camera bag they are now stocking.  I love the bag so much (and i paid for mine!), that i think everyone who loves hiking and photography should have one.

So, Ben Trevor and i are in the process of working out a special deal for all the participants of the Kimberley photographic Adventure tour for F-Stop bags. I’ll let you know more when we have worked out all the details.

I’m also talking to Team Digital about borrowing a medium format digital for the duration of the tours for participants to try out, probably a Phase One camera or the new Pentax.  We already have a Gigapan to play with, a medium format digital would be a great addition.  I’ll tell you more about this in the next few days too, stay tuned.

Photographic Tour of the Kimberley

January 26th, 2011

Kimberley Photographic Tour

Speaking of the Kimberley, my 7 day Photographic tour of the Kimberley and the 7 day  photographic tour of the  Bungle Bungles, with Nigel Gaunt, are rapidly approaching, May the 16th and then May 24th.  Both of these tours are currently more than half full, so there are only a few places left.  To help us get all our booking done early we have decided to offer a discount of $250 for each tour for everyone who books and pays in full by Feb 28th.

Both these tours are a great opportunity to see the real kimberley with 3 experienced professional photographers who love the Kimberley and have been there many times.  You can read more about the 7 day Kimberley adventure tour  here, and you can read more about the 7 day Bungles adventure tour here. Or you can download the information and booking pdf here.

Windjana Gorge at dawn, Kimberley Region, Western Australia

Windjana Gorge at dawn, one of the iconic locations along the Gibb River Rd

On May the 16th we will be leaving Broome and headed out onto the Gibb River Rd for 7 days of awesome photography, hands on masterclasses, hanging out in magical wild places, swimming in beautiful waterholes and watching the sunset in the Kimberley sky.  Then on May the 24th, we will leave Kununurra for the beginning of the second Kimberley Photographic adventure tour, 7 days camping in Purnululu National Park of exploring and photographing the Bungle Bungles. Read the rest of this entry »

Kimberley Marine Parks

January 22nd, 2011

The Kimberley Marine Parks the  West Australian Government have proposed in the far North Kimberley region of Camden Sound are part of   the worlds largest Humpback Whale nurseries.  They are doing this as an attempt to distract the Australian people from the real issue of industrialising the Kimberley, beginning with the enormous James Price Point Kimberley gas project. They are trying to buy us off.  How the two are connected beats me, instead of saying the Kimberley is unique and we will protect it all (as should be the case)  they have said, the Kimberley is unique, so we’ll put aside a bit of it before we set about ruining the rest.  Obviously these words are mine, but if you read the documents you’ll see that my paraphrasing is correct.

The Far North Kimberley Coast, Western Australia

The Far North Kimberley Coast, Western Australia

The Marine Sanctuaries as they are proposed are woefully inadequate with only 13% of it offering any real protection from commercial fishing and other industrial activities, which of course defeats its own purpose.  It becomes a Sanctuary in name only until our pro multinational government decides to sell it off to the highest bidder.

Until the 1st of February you get to have a say on what you think of the  proposal, so go to this link, have a read of the letter, do some research, look at some maps and if you agree, submit it.

Porosis Creek at Dawn, Far North Kimberley, Western Australia

Low tide at Dawn on the Kimberley Coast

I have been up to the Kimberley many times, and 2 years ago i had the opportunity to go on a boat trip through the Far north and see a lot of this isolated and beautiful coast that you can only get to from a boat.  It really is like nowhere else on Earth,  a unique place that should  be preserved.  The only reason this government  can get away with selling off the Kimberley is that few people have seen it and so most don’t know how special it is and  what we would be giving up.

I want to be able to show my Grandchildren the Kimberley, the wild untamed Kimberley, not a barren industrial dump that it will become if these greedy and unthinking men get their way.  Do yourself a favour, if you’ve not been to the Kimberley, go.  it will get into your blood and touch your soul the way few places can, and then you too  will know why this is one place we cant let the greedy bastards ruin.

River System on the far North Kimberley coast, Western Australia

Early morning light reflected off the King Leopold sandstone cliffs

The Kimberley, some facts

January 13th, 2011

The wilderness society of WA has just put out a new short video with some sobering facts on the James Price Point (proposed) gas development.

If you think the gas hub should be stopped, and the Kimberley left alone, there is also a link where you can sign the petition and add your message to federal environment minister Tony Burke.

Tony Burke has to give this project the nod before Colin Barnett and his Giant multinational bedfellows can begin the rape of the Kimberley.  Tell them no, take the 5 minutes it takes and click on the link.

If this project goes ahead we all lose.

Wilderness Society Video

Horizontal Falls at Talbot Bay North Kimberley Region Western Australia

The Horizontal Falls at Talbot Bay is another area under threat from current developement plans

Photographic Tour to the Kimberley 2011

November 29th, 2010

Kimberley Photographic Tour

Have you ever wanted to visit the Kimberley?  Do you love taking Landscape Images of breathtaking wild places?  How about if you could combine both of these things, with a small group of like minded people and three professional landscape photographers to get you to the best locations at the best times?

The Gibb River Rd crossing the Pentecost River.

In May next year i will be running specialised 7 day photographic tour to the Kimberley,  and  7 day photographic tours to the Bungle Bungles,  in conjunction with Nigel Gaunt (from Red Dirt Photography Tours of Broome).  Each tour will have a maximum of 8 people, so if it sounds good to you, you can read more about the Photographic tour to the Kimberley Here> and the Photographic tour to the Bungle Bungles Here>  or you can download the information and booking form here

Rally for the Kimberley

November 29th, 2010

The Cottesloe rally for the Kimberley was yesterday, and considering the heat (35 degrees…) it was a pretty good turn out, i’m not good at estimating numbers, but i would have said 300-400 people were there.

Most people opted for the shade around the edges

All the wilderness groups worked together to put on a well organised show of unity, it was just a shame the heat was so intense so early, i think that stopped a lot of people from showing up.  I know they were expecting much bigger numbers from the responses they had from facebook and other social network news, so if you were there, well done, if you were going to come but didn’t…  What happened?  Don’t you think saving the Kimberley from going the way of the Pilbara Coast is worth sweating a bit for?

A sweltering day… 35degrees at 11am

I really can’t stress this enough, unless they are forcibly stopped by overwhelming public opinion, the Barnett Government will ruin the Kimberley forever.  This is not what Colin Barnett claims is, “a pinprick on the landscape”  this is a giant, polluting, ecology destroying industrial zone that is going to cover more than 20 square kilometres and stretch 7km out to sea, right smack bang in the middle of one of the last pristine wilderness areas left on earth. That is just the beginning, there are at least 5 other projects in the pipeline that will piggy back off this one, moving right into the heart of the Kimberley.

We shouldn’t have to fight our own Government to get them to do the right thing, and raping the Kimberley is not the right thing for anybody except a few multinational corporations who will simply disappear when the minerals run out, leaving desolation and destruction in their wake.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we were remembered as the generation who saved the Kimberley from corporate greed rather than the one who let it be destroyed?

Kimberley Rally This Sunday

November 23rd, 2010

Don’t forget, the Kimberley Rally to show public opinion about the proposed  James Price Point Gas project is this Sunday, 28th November at 11am.  It is happening at the Cottesloe Civic Centre in Napier St, this is Colin Barnett’s own electorate so it will be interesting to see if he dares to show his face.  Tell everyone you know about it, lets get a bit of public opinion stirred up about this, before it’s too late!

If you care about the Kimberley, and you dont want your heritage destroyed by uncaring greedy fat bastards, you’ll be there.  The proposed Kimberley Gas Project will be an enormous loss for all of us, don’t let them get away with it.

Kimberley Rally Perth dates

November 10th, 2010

Well today Shell Oil announced it had sold 30% of its controlling stake in Woodside Petroleum (10% of the total shares on issue), and they are open to offers for their remaining 24% stake.  You might remember Woodside is one of the major players in the current bid to turn James Price Point into a major industrial precinct and is a big favourite of Colin Barnett. (The Australian.  The Melbourne Age.)

Now whether or not this fire sale has anything to do with the building groundswell of resistance to this current land grab at James Price Point is anybodies guess, but it is interesting timing, could it be that Shell no longer wants to be a part of such un unpopular and imoral project?

The case or not, its good incentive to add your voice to the fray by coming down to the Kimberley Rally at the  Cottesloe Civic Centre on Sunday the 28th of November at 11am.  Check out the info here.  Its going to be a great day of positive action, come along and find out whats going on and what you can do about the proposed Kimberley Gas Project.  You don’t have to chain yourself to a bulldozer to help, there are many things you can do to get your voice heard, come along on the 28th and be a part of it.  I’ll be there, I’ll be the one wearing the orange T-shirt!

Action for the Kimberley Coast

October 20th, 2010

If you’ve been keeping up with the James Price Point Debate, and you are feeling angry by whats going on but also frustrated because you don’t know what you can do… Try these links for a good starting point.

Save the Kimberley

The Wilderness Society

It’s only takes a few minutes, and it’s a numbers game.  If enough of us sign up for these the politicians will have to take notice.

More on the Kimberley

October 12th, 2010

All is not lost with James Price Point, it seems Geoff Cousins is now on board the campaign to stop the giant Kimberley Gas Project (20 square Kilometres!). He is the man who was instrumental in several massive successful campaigns in Tasmania, including the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill.  This is a man who can really make a difference, he has a lot of influence and a loud voice, its good to see someone like him fighting for the cause.

More on the Gunns pulp mill

More on Geoff Cousins

Even More on Geoff Cousins and Gunns

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