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Photographic tour of Bhutan

Photo Tour of Bhutan 2015 Fully Booked

September 4th, 2014

My Photographic tour to Bhutan just seems to get more popular each year, I had six places taken before I even started promoting it, and the last 4 before I could print the flyer!  If you are interested in going to Bhutan with me at some stage and you would like to get the early notification  please just send me an email and I will put you on the early warning list.

I will be running another Photo Tour to Bhutan in 2016, and if I have time I may even run a second tour in October/November 2015.

Bhutan Photo Tour

Photo Tour of Bhutan 2015 only 1 place remains…

September 2nd, 2014

My Photo Tour of Bhutan for 2015 has filled up really fast, as of today I only have one place remaining…  So if you have been sitting on the fence, sit no longer.  The Tour is strictly limited to 10 people, so once I reach that number that’s it for this year

You can read all the details of the tour and download the booking form right here>

Photographic Tour to Bhutan

Shooting into the light in Bhutan

July 14th, 2014

This is an image I shot last year while on my Photographic tour of Bhutan, I’ve been meaning to put it up for ages as I rather like it.  Really, the light makes the shot, though I guess that’s a common thing with photography.

For this image it had been raining and windy on and off all day, and this was a small break in the weather.  The clouds were moving rather fast, so the sunbeams were shifting and changing all over the place.  I took about 10 exposures on the Hasselblad H4D-60 and a 50mm lens (about the equivalent to a 32mm in full frame 35mm speak), but I liked this one the best, with the sunbeams illuminating the green field in front of the house, a little on the hill behind it and the forest on the hillside opposite.

Into the Light Bhutan.  Adam Monk

Bhutan, Roadmap of Life

December 5th, 2012

If the Wrinkles on a persons face are the roadmap of their life, then this Bhutanese fellow has had a very full life indeed.  Bhutan is a country of people for me primarily. The countryside is spectacular, the nature is wild and the architecture beautiful, but the faces of the people were what i kept seeing and photographing first.  The people have such beautifully open and diverse faces, so i took lots and lots of portraits, some sneaky ones, like this one, but most with the consent (and a conversation, with lots of hand waving and laughing) with the person involved.

A Buddhist Monk watches a festival in Bumthang, Bhutan

A road map to life

This image shows an old Man watching a festival in a small Monastery of back country Bumthang, a province of Central Bhutan.  Maybe for the next Photographic Tour of Bhutan I will concentrate more on landscape?

Bhutan, the land of National Happiness

December 5th, 2012
Prayer Flags on a bridge in Bhutan

Prayer Flags and no Depth of Field

Im back from my first photographic tour of Bhutan.  What an amazing country full of lovely people and spectacular scenery, Bhutan really is a photographers paradise.  The problem is, I took 5000 photographs, well, thats not actually the problem, the problem is choosing which image to put up first!  So i’ve begun pretty randomly with the first images that caught my eye when i was editing in Lightroom this morning. Read the rest of this entry »

Photographic Tour of Bhutan 2012 is full.

August 20th, 2012

Sorry folks, I’ve been off the air for ages, i’ve been doing a major renovation on my house and it seems I’ve barely had time to check my emails let alone make blog entries!  I could do a series of posts on why you should never renovate your house, but that would be a little off topic, lets just say it was a huge learning experience.  The biggest thing I learnt was never to do it again.  I hope somebody will remind me of that next time i decide to renovate…

Back on topic… The Photographic tour of Bhutan for 2012 has sold out.

Photographic Tour of Bhutan 2013

The good news is if you really wanted to go to Bhutan but couldn’t make it, or just missed out due to this years tour filling up, I will be running this tour again in 2013 October 12 to 26th October, You can read the full Bhutan photo tour Itinerary and information right here.  If you would like some more information, or simply to book for my Bhutan photography tour call me on (+61 8) 9336 6102 or you can email me at or you can keep an eye on this site, since now i’m not a full time builder, i will be posting more.  In fact, i am about to put up a whole new home page for the workshops and tours that will make finding the latest information really easy, you can find that page here>

Photographic tour of Bhutan, nearly sold out

March 12th, 2012
Photographic tour of Bhutan with landscape photographer Adam Monk 2012

Only 4 places remain for this years tour

The photographic tour of Bhutan departing Perth 24th of October this year has almost sold out already.  We only have a total of 20 places, and 16 of those are already booked and paid for.  We are going to have another information night on Tuesday March 27th at the same place in Leederville to fill those final places, so if you were thinking about going on this tour give Maxiema a call on (08)9382 5049 or email to book your place on the information night.  Its a free evening where you get to see some great photography and hear some very interesting stuff about Bhutan, all over a glass of wine.  Very civilised.

Photographic Tour of Bhutan

February 2nd, 2012
Kingdom of Bhutan Photographic tour with Adam Monk. 24th Oct 2012

The Kingdom of Bhutan

Bhutan Photography Tour 2013

After a hugely successful Photographic tour to Bhutan in 2012 I am doing it all again in 2013.  The Bhutan 2013 photo tour has been refined and finessed from what I learned in Bhutan 2012, we are staying in Bhutan for a full 15 days (skipping the two nights in Bangkok on the way back) to allow us to slow down and take more time in each location and I have reduced the numbers on the tour to a maximum of 10 people.  The tour is unashamedly photographic in nature and  now begins and ends in Bangkok to allow for those who are coming from different countries or states, and for those who wish to continue onto another destination after the conclusion of the tour.  For all the information on the current  photographic tour of Bhutan  including a full itinerary, simply click on this link.

Bhutan Photographic Tour 2012

I will be escorting a 2 week photographic tour of Bhutan later this year.  This will be a fantastic opportunity to see this amazing country at the best time of year with an experienced local guide to show us the sights you would never find by yourself.  And of course i will be along to ensure everyone gets the best shots of this fabulous mysterious country, a place where they dont judge wealth with GDP (gross domestic product), but with a NHI… a National Happiness Index!

The national happiness index. photographic tour of Bhutan with Adam Monk 24 october 2012

The national happiness index

The tour will be 13 nights/14 days departing Perth 24th October 2012 (with 1 night in Bangkok on the way over and 2 on the way back),   included are all your  transport, accommodation, all meals in Bhutan, guides and of course expert photographic tuition from me.  I reckon for 2 weeks of once in a lifetime experiences thats a bargain.

We will be having an information evening Thursday 23rd February over in Leederville, where we will explain the whole itinerary and how its all going to play out, along with a couple of slide shows (short ones…).  If this sounds like something for you and you would like to come to the information night, give me a call on (+61 8) 9336 6102 or you can email

To give you a bit of a taste of what to expect here are a few images from George Booth, who organises the whole tour and his friend Ullrich Kunzmann (in fact all these images are from these 2 fellows), neither of whom are professional photographers. Don’t forget to click on the images to get a bigger view.

Bhutanese dancer. photographic tour of Bhutan with Adam Monk 24 october 2012

Bhutanese dancer at one of the many festivals

Behind the scenes at the festival. photographic tour of Bhutan with Adam Monk 24 october 2012

Behind the scenes at the festival











scenic prayer flags. photographic tour of Bhutan with Adam Monk 24 october 2012

Scenic prayer flags, typical sites of the countryside

Friendly locals. photographic tour of Bhutan with Adam Monk 24 october 2012

A Friendly local

Friendly locals. photographic tour of Bhutan with Adam Monk 24 october 2012

Another friendly local




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