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Bhutan Photographic Tour

Updated February 4th, 2019

15 day Bhutan Photography Tour 

Bhutan Photographic Tour Monks of Thimphu

Tour Highlights at a Glance

  • 15 full days in Bhutan.
  • Travelling to the far East of Bhutan.
  • Remote Cultural festivals.
  • Small group size of 10 People.
  • All your meals on Tour.
  • Travel in cars not a bus, 2 participants to a car.
  • We fly one way, so only half the driving!
  • Highly experienced Bhutanese guides and drivers with excellent English.
  • Two full time professional Photographers to ensure you get the best images.
  • Bhutan Photo Tour 2019:  5 – 20 Oct 2019

If you have any questions you can email me at or call me on (+61) 415 854 179.

Bhutan, the Land of  National Happiness

Bhutan is a tiny landlocked nation on the Southern slopes of the Himalayan mountains squashed between Tibet in the North and India to the South, East and West.  73% of the land area of Bhutan is under forest, and its the only Nation on Earth where this figure is growing each year.  The countryside is mountainous, the roads are windy (as in lots of curves, not wind) and there is spectacular scenery around every corner, from waterfalls dropping out of the forests to glimpses of snow capped mountain peaks, ancient stone fortresses and terraced rice paddies clinging to the steep hillsides.

In Bhutan they really do have a National Happiness Index to measure the wealth and prosperity of the people, it is a country where Buddhist Monks make up more than 10% of the population, and most of the Government administration building are set in 500 year old fortresses and monasteries.  Bhutan is a visually spectacular and intimately beautiful place, as a photographer you will find continuous images to captivate you.

15 Days in Bhutan-The Road Less Travelled.

15 full days of photographic tour in the Kingdom of Bhutan, each year we witness unique remote community cultural Festivals.  These festivals in Bhutan are always the highlight of the tour with spectacular dancing and wonderfully colourful costumes, the festivals are when the Bhutanese culture really comes to life.

Each year we go to different festivals, away from the major tour routes, in the smaller villages and communities.  The aim is be away from the other tourists and in with the locals, as authentic and spectacular as it gets… and it doesn’t get any more authentic than Bhutan.

Bhutan Photo Tour - Jambay Lhakhang old man, Bhutan

Small Group Size – The only way to Travel

All our Bhutan photography tours have a maximum group size of 10 people,   Small groups are simply more fun!

This is especially true with photographers, the last thing you want are members of your own group getting in the way of your shots, and with just 10  people this is easy to manage.  From personal group interactions, to hotel bookings and festivals, small groups work best.  Many people forge lasting friendships on these photographic tours and this always works better when the group is kept small.

Travel in comfort in Cars, not a Bus

Bhutan Photographic Tour - Bumthang FestivalWe travel in a small convoy of shiny new  cars, each with a Bhutanese driver and a Bhutanese guide and only 2 tour participants per vehicle, so there is plenty of room for camera gear and everyone gets a window.  All our guides and drivers are certified professionals, who speak excellent english and are a vast store of historical and cultural knowledge.  They stay with us for the duration of the tour and become an integral part of the experience as they share the beauty of their country and culture with us.  The Bhutanese have a wonderful sense of humour and our guides and drivers will become your friends, you won’t want to say goodbye to them at the end and there are always many hugs and a few tears at the airport.

Lots of Staff to look after you.

You will be very well looked after on my Photo tours to Bhutan.  Because we travel in the comfort of cars instead of a bus, with only two participants to a car it means we have lots of staff to look after you.  If I am running the tour by myself, there will be a maximum of 10 participants, we will have 5 cars with 5 Bhutanese Drivers, 4 Bhutanese guides and me.  That’s one staff member for every participant.  If I have invited a guest photographer as well then we can have a maximum of 12 participants, 6 cars with 6 Bhutanese drivers 4 Bhutanese Guides, myself and the guest Photographer

No Hidden Extras.

There are no hidden extras on these tours, no meals that are not covered or nights you have to find your own Hotel.  The flight from Bangkok to Paro and return is included in the tour and booked by us.  The internal flight to or from Central Bhutan (depending which way the itinerary runs) is fully included in the tour and booked by us, even your Bhutan visa is included and we handle all the paperwork.  The tour begins and ends in Bangkok, so you just have to make your way to Bangkok and back home at the end.  In Bangkok we have included the first night at the luxury Novotel Hotel so we can all meet there the night before our flight to Bhutan the next day.  The only extras are alcohol and any souvenirs you may want to buy along the way.

Flying means less time driving, less time packing.

Bhutan has one major road that runs East to West across the country and only one effective international airport in Paro, in the far West.  With most tours of Bhutan, they drive out from Paro towards the East, reach a certain point turn around and drive all the way back on the same road, going through all the same places again…  That’s a lot of kilometres of driving and a lot of time spent in the car!

We don’t do it that way.  We either fly to central Bhutan, meet our cars and drive back, or vice versa, depending on the tour and the Bhutanese festival calendar.  This means half the number of kilometres and half the time spent driving, which translates to lots more time actually seeing, experiencing and photographing the unique culture and beauty of Bhutan.

The flight is 45 minutes of spectacular scenery through the foothills of the Himalayas that allows you to see the undulating mountainous countryside of Bhutan from above.  A unique perspective that puts the amazing landscape of where we are firmly into focus.

Halving the driving means we don’t have to hurry along, and we don’t change locations and hotels every night, which can be exhausting.  Many times on the journey we spend 2 or even 3 nights in the same location and hotel.  When the days are full of new sights and great photo opportunities it’s so nice not to have to pack your suitcase every morning.

Bhutan Photographic Tour

Should you go on this Photo tour to Bhutan?

This photo tour is for anyone with a keen interest in photography and a love of adventure.  It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, all levels of photographers are welcomed, and in fact the diverse experiences of the group are an integral part of what makes it so much fun.  Our group size is always kept small so you are always assured of personal interaction and tuition, whatever your needs.  Most evenings after dinner we will get together to discuss the days events and talk about photography topics as diverse as camera functionality, low light photography and Depth of Field,  to downloading images, key-wording and post processing.  We also look at examples of your images every few days for a bit of compare and contrast to see the variety of images we all make in the same location.  This helps us all to broaden our styles and see the world in different ways, that way we all learn from each other.

Physical Fitness

Bhutan Photo TourBhutan is in the Himalayan Mountains, but the altitude rarely causes any significant issues besides needing to walk a little slower!  A basic level of walking fitness is essential, but this tour is not a hiking tour or a trekking tour so nothing extreme will be required of you.  We have several scenic walks planned and the climb to the top of the Tigers Nest is exhilarating and spectacular, but basically if you are able to walk around town at home you will be fine. This tour does involve some walks over uneven ground and lots of stairs on the way to the Tigers Nest, so you just need to let us know if you have any health issues or doubts and we will work around them.

Your Camera Gear

There is really no limit to what camera gear you take other than your ability to carry it. Everything from Digital SLRs, professional and consumer, simple point and shoot cameras, even medium format digital and film.  Whatever level of camera equipment you have, we will ensure you get the most out of it.  After you sign up for the tour we will send out a detailed recommended gear and packing list, and we are very happy to discuss the camera gear you have and how to best make it work for you.

Photographic tour to Bhutan

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